CommComm posted on February 24, 2010 04:03

Our trusty WELDOC (inter-library loan) is getting a facelift. After speaking with Sue Woodson, Digital Library Services, and Lisa Song, ATIS, the changes should make the process of ordering articles and books more intuitive. There will be a 2 month migration period for the changeover to become a seamless transition. However, Lisa S. (who always provides me with all the delicious particulars) stressed that "after 2 months you'll be treated like a new user. Existing WELDOC users have 2 months to migrate their current WELDOC account to the new system. After the migration period, if they have not migrated, they'll have to register as a new user. Lonesome Doc users have to change their Lonesome Doc user ID to their Hopkins email address to access the new system. Third, and perhaps most importantly, the single sign-on feature it allows patrons to use their JHED USERNAME and PASSWORD. During the migration period when a user accesses the new WELDOC, after passing the JHED login screen the system will ask the user to enter the existing WELDOC account information OR create a new account---UNTIL---the user either migrates his/her old WELDOC or creates a new account." The new system won't accept gmail. Having a quick look-see at the new WELDOC page, it does have a snazzier appearance. Since WELDOC is such a vital part of library services this can only improve what is already a core resource of the Welch Library. Sue W. reiterated that using the new facelift should feel "pretty instinctive.'

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CommComm posted on February 24, 2010 00:38

The presentation on the National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences by our international fellow, Baocheng Wang has been rescheduled to:

Date: Monday, March 8

Time: 3:30 – 4:30pm

Location: 2024 E. Monument Street, Room 1-500Q

Baocheng has degrees in biochemistry and zoology and has been working at the NSL since 2005; he is at Welch to observe our approach to informationist services.


 National Science Library, Beijing

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Here's something to do this weekend, as we come back into the open air of February.


Go. Enjoy. Buy. See the sights. Put the memory of the baltimore blizzard in your rear view mirror!

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CommComm posted on February 12, 2010 03:47

The Friday, Feb. 12th lecture "10 Things I wish someone had told me about writing a Research Paper" has been cancelled, and will be re-scheduled. The snow has wrecked havoc on all classes this past week. Hopefully, (snow fingers crossed) in the days ahead everything class/lecture related will be sorted out.

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CommComm posted on February 5, 2010 22:52

Changes for the Welch Library inter-library loan system (WELDOC) are coming. Speaking with Lisa Song, from Advanced Technology Information Systems (our ATIS), she cited several clear advantages the new upgrade will provide. "Patrons can access JHED and WELDOC without getting (and going through) another password. Also, there will be no need for resetting passwords". Lisa also mentioned that ATIS did Eisenhower's ILL integration and "everyone seems very pleased with the outcome". Patrons in need of an ILL item, but who may have forgotten their password will no doubt welcome this change. 

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CommComm posted on February 4, 2010 20:52

Lori Rosman our Public Health and Basic Science Informationist, will deliver a lecture on QUOSA this month. Lori shared few comments on the advantages of QUOSA. "It's great for  downloading full texts, storing and managing PDF's, searching the full text of articles, setting up search alerts and you can go back and forth between REFWORKS AND QUOSA in terms of their compatability for bibliographic management. The compatibility with REFWORKS is an excellent feature to have".

Lori's QUOSA lecture is on Feb. 17th, 12;30-1:30 at Mountcastle Auditorium (PCTB Bldg.)

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