CommComm posted on June 28, 2010 23:33

Just a reminder that the Welch Library will be closed July 4th and 5th. Re-opening the usual time on the 6th. If you arrive on at the fron t door on the 4th or the 5th, well, that's on you......Don't say you weren't forewarned.

Alonzo LaMont

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CommComm posted on June 24, 2010 00:19

Was there ever a sweeter combination? Mid-summer. And there you are---HUNGRY FOR KNOWLEDGE.


Well book July 7th on your calendar. Lori Rosman is teaching QUOSA from 9:00AM - 10:15AM in Lab #2 in the 2024 Monument St. building. Here's the QUOSA landscape:

"Downloading and organizing scientific literature and entering citation information into citation management software can be time-consuming. Trying to find information you know you read or even stored somewhere can be a challenge. QUOSA is a document- and search-results management and storage tool. Learn how you can use it to download PDFs automatically from PubMed, Ovid and many other databases; organize your PDFs, presentations and documents and save them with your preferred naming convention (e.g. author/journal/year); search all full-text and citation information within your saved results; and export entire folders into EndNote or Reference Manager -- or import them into QUOSA, including all available PDFs, in a copyright compliant manner."

 Alonzo LaMont



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CommComm posted on June 23, 2010 05:24

bs-md-marc-breakdown-20100622,0,1206203.story.htm (210.09 kb)

I know so many people take the MARC train at Hopkins, the article is about MARC officials struggling to explain the breakdown(s)  yesterday between Baltimore and Washington. And I feel bad for everyone who got stuck for hours and hours, and as we all know---it's hot! And as we also: it's really hot! Alonzo's title says it all:


My explanation for MARC train troubles? Simple---




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CommComm posted on June 21, 2010 17:30

We've got company this summer. Linda Saunders is here working on the Lilienfeld project (which probably involves slicing and dicing through the hardbound collection). Linda lives in Silver Spring---but is originally from Sierra Leone.


Alonzo LaMont

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CommComm posted on June 19, 2010 00:21

I just want to offer this up early, it's actually a bit premature. As most of you may already know our Debbie McClellan is retiring. We sat down to talk about the many highlights and observations of her long career at Hopkins. Part of maintaining the blog is meeting and talking to people at Hopkins that were previously---for me---usually off the radar. Hadn't really spoken to Debbie that much. But sitting down with her was such a delight. She graciously volunteered so much of her past and present. I can't say I ever remember speaking with anyone who was just so thankful and respectful for her career, and for her job that brought her so many friends, acquaintances and colleagues and took her to so many '.places' She values her teaching and editing with such a heartfelt sincerity. Talking with Debbie pushed all those emotional buttons you never think will get pressed during those 9-5 hours. And all it took was an informal chat down in the basement of Welch. My goodness. Real life always springs up when you least expect it.


The interview should be posted sometime next week, but I wanted to share this story she told me at the very end. She said the last time she'd been interviewed it was with a reporter from the Newark Star-Ledger. She was working in a lab at the time, and the interviewer was TICKLED by the presence of real, live honest-to-goodness lab mice. So, he precociously went over to touch one and like a kid at the monkey cage---YEOW! He was a mouse-bitten man. Luckily, there were no animals present during our interview. Alonzo don't play that.

Alonzo LaMont


CommComm posted on June 19, 2010 00:04

I was in the School of Nursing last week and someone asked me where the new building was. Didn't have a clue. "New building?" sez I. Where? How? When? Holy Oogum-Boogum Batman, I was betwixt and between. Nobody told me about any new building. Now I know. And now you do too. Synchronicity 101.

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Academics Post Degree Options.mht (802.73 kb)

As of July 23, 2010, PD/PIs will be unable to enter citations manually into eRA Commons and must use My NCBI’s “My Bibliography” tool to manage their professional bibliographies.

In the interest of easing investigators’ bibliography management, improving data quality, and ensuring compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy (, eRA Commons has partnered with the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) ( to link NCBI’s personal online tool, “My NCBI,” to Commons. My NCBI offers an online portal—“My Bibliography”(—for users to maintain and manage a list of all types of their authored works, such as articles, presentations and books. [See entire press release at ]

• For more information on how investigators should handle the upcoming changes, see NOT-OD-10-103 (

• For a step-by-step guide on how to set up a “My NCBI” account and access “My Bibliography” see

• You can also see the National Library of Medicine tutorial “Using My Bibliography to Manage Compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy” for more details.

CommComm posted on June 15, 2010 22:46

Hey there Mr. and Mrs. Parent, do you have your adorable little crumb-crushers and their friends staying over on Friday nights? Too hot to keep 'em indoors. Tired of being outside with 'em? What to do? What to do? Movie Night at Hopkins of course. Ahhhhh, that's the ticket. And they get lots of fun stuff along with the movie. Read on:

 "Five hit movies will be screened on Friday nights this summer on the Wyman Quadrangle of the Homewood campus (rain location: Shriver Hall). Hopkins Summer Outdoor Films, presented by the Office of Summer and Intersession Programs, premieres on June 18. Live music begins at 7:30 p.m. Hot dogs, burgers, nachos, candy and drinks will be sold. Guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets; no alcoholic beverages are permitted. Movies will start as soon as it gets dark, around 8:30 p.m.

The films and pre-shows are as follows: June 18, The Addams Family, with Man and Dog; June 25, Up, with a “kids night” featuring strolling magicians and balloon artists, and music by Tone Rangers, an a cappella group that includes John Bader, associate dean for undergraduate academic affairs in the Krieger School; July 9, The Princess Bride, with Blue Lemon Trio; July 16, Fantastic Mr. Fox, with Deep Tree Mantra; and July 23, Star Trek (2009), with Swingin’ Swamis. For more information, call 410-516-4548."

Parenting never got so easy.

Alonzo LaMont

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CommComm posted on June 15, 2010 00:30

This is a fabulous place to see Shakespeare. It's outside, you can sit back and enjoy a little vino and the trees and the darkness become a special character. Just a summertime suggestion, sez I.

Baltimore Shakespeare Festival - Home.mht (2.39 mb)


Alonzo LaMont


CommComm posted on June 11, 2010 00:11


I stopped in to talk with my major librarian EYE-SPY Sue to get some collection updates. Sue surprised me by pointing out that people have discovered streaming audio they can find from the Eisenhower catalog. Just scroll down to MUSIC, and then here's where you'll find yourself:

Sue also mentioned and I have to say that I was even more tickled to hear about the adventures of her new kitty cat. Kitty stuck between her wall and a floor? (One or the other, maybe even both!), Sue had to  resort to a buzzsaw---no, a chainsaw---no---maybe just a saw to help save her lil rascal. Something tells me "Here Kitty Kitty!" just didn't work. Kitty is now 'restored' to her original mint condition. Sue also spoke about Eisenhower having a non-scholarly collection for film and fiction (alot of their movies are requested at Welch, Chris Henry and I always remark on something we think is worthwhile, or non-worthwhile. It's funny how anything by Sophia Loren always seems very worthwhile.  The last thing Sue left me with was a mention about---again, through the Eisenhower catalog---Baltimore.

It has the proverbial embarrassment of riches. Thanks to Sue, I'm streaming away....


 Alonzo LaMont


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