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          I managed to catch some hard-working little Welch Elves in preparation for our Christmas party. They thought they could slip away unnoticed, but they couldn't escape the glare of the library paparazzi (me---Alonzo). And just who are these busy Helpers......



          Christopher Henry revs up the keyboard. Chris is an established musician who knows music and movies like you wouldn't believe. As I caught his picture I overheard him say he was "gonna tear the roof off this sucka". Honest.





          Martha Traub and Lavinia Wiggs stand guard over the incoming goodies. Martha has a blackbelt in food protection and Lavinia helped the Lucky Charms Leprachaun get into a Witness Protection Program.


          Diane McLaughlin was giving me the "we're not ready" look. Diane looks all warm and fuzzy but rumor has it she taught the GEICO gekko the ancient Art of Himalayan "Bazutto" which is Himakayan mind-control. She also does this for all the FORBES Top 100 Executives.


          Marie Esch is an international cake/pie thief. She does it in stages. Usually the cake/pie crust goes first, and then the filling. She has her reasons for not stealing the whole cake/pie, but as yet no one's asked her what they are. Usually, she just gives a wave and like Keyser Soze from "The Usual Suspects"----she's gone. In the background is Kim Thornton who's impersonating Kim Thornton who works at the Welch Library. Kim's impersonation is so down-pat that you never know which Kim is Kim. Don't believe me? Next time you see her yell, "Kim". Bet she responds. 


          Many other folks helped make our party a wonderful event, but I wanted to catch a few people who helped set things up, since we often take all their good party deeds for granted. Apologies to the others I didn't catch. And, there is no such thing as "Bazutto".


Alonzo LaMont

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CommComm posted on December 28, 2011 19:58

I posted this infectious little diddy on Facebook, but I had to pass it along. I don't need to add much more, the first few seconds will tell the story. --- Alonzo LaMont

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CommComm posted on December 14, 2011 20:42
Thanks to my Communications Partner in Crime, Katie Lobner, for sending this my way. PubMed just never stops ticking. Here's a Video with some advanced search goodies. ---Alonzo LaMont.

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          As I was tra-la-la'ing through the merry garden of twitter, I ran across this paper and was struck by the similarities between what's proposed as a healthy prescription for academic libraries (this document may have to be opened, but it's well worth a quick look) and what Welch is doing come Dec. 31st. They don't call it a healthy prescription, but they could well have. The graphics and the reality are very easy to comprehend, and the issues are not unique to any one particular library. The quote surrounding the Harvard Library are quite telling. While everyone wants the best library at any cost, library users are actually extolling a new paradigm. One they may not be conscious about. Their habits, the rise of ebooks/elearning, the price of journals/books and how patrons use a library are all part of a fluid situation.

          Nostalgia and sentiment may be ever-present when we think of how our library will change. However, the new dynamics at work within education are here and now. They're very present, and though we may find them somewhat disagreeable, they need to be accounted for.


Alonzo LaMont




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                     It would seem that we've (Goddard and Welch) both charted the same course for the future, and we both have the same "departure & arrival time". I think they call that serendippity.

             Claire Twose, Public Health and Basic Science Informationist, and yours truly hosted a School of Public Health Town Hall meeting last week and we took a number of questions about the library. It's safe to say that there were those who hadn't heard about the status of the building, or our changes. And those that did weren't thrilled about it. However, what I came away with was mainly that people would miss the status of not having (as they saw it) a physical space, and the missing prestige and nostalgia factors associated with "losing" a library. 

          We did reiterate that no one was losing their library, but the shock of the new took precedent. Since the number of patrons coming into the building are so low, clearly students have (and have for some time) incorporated other areas around campus for study, quiet study and study/socializing. And they seem to have been doing those things for quite some time. I think a quote I ran across sums up the situation quite well:   

          "Budget pressures, dwindling patron traffic to the physical libraries, and the growth in the use of digital materials are all driving the decision to close the Goddard Space Flight Center Library at the main facility of the Goddard Space Flight Center.”  

           We don't expect everyone to understand the changes right away. However, a decision of this magnitude doesn't happen overnight. And, it's safe to say there will be a period of adjustment. But ultimately, our goal is to make services and resources better for patrons. No one is losing their library. In the future, perhaps patrons will realize how much more the library has to offer. 


Alonzo LaMont



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CommComm posted on December 5, 2011 18:38

A while back the library had ANOTHER survey and, just like last year, that means we had MORE prizes to giveaway. Random names were picked and 3 winners received Christmas early.

Leading off is all-smiles Aaron Schueneman. Aaron was "pickled tink" to win.



Dale Phelan got a friend to drive her here from Homewood in lickity-split time, she was overjoyed!



And from waaaaaaay over yonder in Bayview Erin McClure was surprised that her gift was hand-delivered (by Yours Truly) on a Friday afternoon.



This is easily the most FUN activity I do. People are always totally amazed that they actually won something. Admit it---if you received an e-mail claiming "you're the winner" we know that can't be true, right.

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          I stumbled across this tweet and thought it'd help someone fighting their way through the academic's from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and it addresses what to do once your paper is done but wish you had a second set of eyes to enhance the landscape of your vision----here's what they prescribe.

         You can do the same thing here at Hopkins by utilizing the Informationist who's assigned to your Department.  Get the ball rolling by going to our homepage, and then clicking on the "Ask a Librarian" link (right at the top), the drop-down takes you to the Promised Land. No fuss, no muss.

Alonzo LaMont

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