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Our very own Claire Twose, Associate Director & Public Health/Basic Sciences Informationist made her way into a lenghty case study article on "Embedded Librarianship" in Power To The Librarian. The article details Claire's work with Dr. Roberta Scherer with the Cochrane Collection.

Claire worked to develop searches for specific reviews in the field of eyes and vision---and if that wasn't enough---she assisted the Cochrane in researching how they currently conduct systematic reviews. But I can't give away anymore goodies, the article comments on the collaborative process, and Claire provides insight into the ever-evolving role of Informationists.

I'd be neglect in my duties if I didn't take a moment to mention that Claire is notorious for her KrazyKat hat collection. If there's a jazz quartet looking for a "front woman," I'd nominate Claire. It's to the point that when I sport a hat of my own, everyone assumes I'm mimicking one of her's. People, my sartorial street cred is on life-support.


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I frequently surf the net looking for that ideal bit of newsy-news that captures more than just the nuts and bolts of medicine and science. I look for that outside-the-box nugget that speaks to our lives through a broader lenses. Just like Lady Gaga proudly affirms, I'm born this way. So my offering today is something that you can certainly witness through the cool jaded---excuse me, I meant “shaded” lens of daily life, and most particularly here at Hopkins. 

Though the title says "Sound Cocoons," it's really a "Noise Cocoon". Unfortunately, I count myself as one of the victims. My two cents, which falls under the purview of a mental health reflection----after reading the article take a moment to mentally review.  We're all too aware of the draconian reliance we've placed on our gadget empire. They tell us where to go, how to get there, how to behave----AND, they  inform us on WHAT behaviors to have, do they not? The next generation may discover the very concept of quiet places will be something they'll have to Wiki'up.

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We drift a bit from the medical world and float into the social media spotlight that's currently shining on "homeless hotspots". After you read the article you can land anywhere you want on the issue. When I first heard about the idea I thought it was a little flaky and PR driven. Well, it's DEFINITELY driven by PR, it was created by a PR Firm. There's been alot of buzz surrounding the use (exploitation?) of the homeless, but as you and I both know, "a paycheck is a paycheck". Take a look. 

Yesterday, I was riding home when a fellow bike rider, Autumn, and I engaged in a rest stop. She works at Hopkins, (Dept. Pathology), and we just enjoyed the sun and chatted about the joys of commuting. Bike conversation always seems to bring out the best in folks. So, in the future, maybe I'll find another Hopkins commuter somewhere down the line. If you're coming/going on Old Falls Rd. I'll be the guy fooling with the camera.



Autumn from Pathology (Hopkins)


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Victoria Goode and Yours Truly (Alonzo) are back! If you're feeling devil-may-care, you can jump right in and have a go at our February Podcast.


Or, if you'd care to peruse the buffet table before you decide to stuff your plate, here's our a la carte timeline:


0 - 1:20 : Intros laced with the chitty-chat you can only get with a Welch Podcast. I'm sure somewhere there's breaking news about some new-found bacteria that went off the grid, but how does that compare to Victoria and Alonzo striking up a conversation. I've never heard bacteria strike up anything.

1:20 - 10:40 : A) Comentary & discussion about Victoria's about her soon-to-be-published article collaboration with fellow Welch Informationist, Peggy Gross. B) We speak a bit about the the Informationist Service Model on Hopkins campus C) When should you contact an Informationist (we give you a real-time estimate) D) Victoria gives patrons a heads-up on what may have caused your article to be rejected for publication. Not earth-shattering, but remember---we always trip up on the simple stuff.  

10:40 - 13:40 : We talk about the new Welch website. Specifically, comparisions to the old site in terms of changes.(We guarantee to touch on this more in our March Podcast) 

13:40 - 23:15 Surprise! Victoria springs one on me as she turns into a TMZ reporter and asks about----being Alonzo. She puts on her Detective hat and grills me under the flurescent bulb. I wilt like bad lettuce and tell all. 

This is all material that we've included in this special "Director's Cut," Podcast---so consider it gravy. Not vital information, by any means, but I ask you dear people, how could I resist an inquisition when it was all about me? She had so much background on me I was about to confess to crimes I didn't commit.


As mentioned, next month----more about navigating our Website. Till then....don't be a stranger. 


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If by chance you’re one of those who does “serious” blogging on any number of higher educational themes, this question is a rather moot point. You know the answer with hesitation. The smirk is already on your face. However, if the reverse were applied and you were not a serious blogger and your scholarship is between you and your research, then perhaps you scoff at the very existence of the question. But enter the shift-shaper that is Daniel J. Cohen, Director of the Center For New Media. I actually listened to the entire (one hour plus!) youTube video, but in case you don’t have the time or the inclination here’s the condensed nuts and bolts. 


The work that Dr. Cohen performs didn’t occur recently, it’s been making the rounds for years. Only now, the definition and the willingness to explore blogging as a legitimate inquiry has gained steam----not because of the rising popularity behind the “I, You, Me, We---we’re all bloggers”mindset----but because of the acceptance by scholars,particularly in the digital humanities to break the fourth wall. Also, no small amount of credit should go to the Open Access Movement. Educators and Scholars seem to want the participatory elements this Movement offers, and no longer march to the tightly bound drum of traditional publishing. The result is a community that grass-rooted themselves into a new online dimension. Without so much as a starship command, the Enterprise went to warp 10 with no jazzy CGI.


In reviewing the attached links, one can surmise that the pursuit of the Holy Grail of Information Sharing that isOpen Source leads us to a very revelatory truth. We not only get to see the many Wizards of Oz come out from behind the research machinery curtain, we also witness scholarship coming out of the intellectual closet, and becoming shared intelligentsia for the community at-large. As Dr. Cohen states, while the Humanities have proven to be an attractive platform for digitizing, there has been no small amount of resistance and praise.  Many see his efforts to promote blogging scholarship as faddish, and the absolute wrong approach to teaching and communication. Others, heap praise on how the web promotes new ways of thinking, sharing and providing a re-invented online curriculum for research. However, You need only to take a glance at Zotero to see how ideas,  and people with plenty of them, can co-exist under one big top.


Alonzo LaMont 



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Sorry we missed you yesterday at the celebration for the new clinical buildings. It was PACKED solid. Wall-to-Wall. But a good vibe was had by all. The "red carpet" treatment was a very nice touch. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our information table to inquire about Welch, or just to pass along a kind or two. And I must say, there were many kind words. I told my information table buddy Julie Adamo that "folks just seem to want to share". So we listened and shared. Hey, I could listen to praise 24/7 (even if I'm not the direct recipient, I'm STILL grabbing my share!). Not only were questions asked about the future of the library, but we also had our fair share of gentle remembrances. Here are a couple pictures...


Angela Kohli (left) and Carmela Lynch wanted us to know that they really, really, really appreciated getting their articles from Welch. They even gave us more than a few "no really, thanks" just to show they were serious. Isn't this picture is too charming for words.




Agatha Garner also had good stuff to pass along. I told her "Agatha, just ONE picture---I need proof". Wish I hadn't run out of candy and welch pencils, but I don't think she minded too much.





Former Welch-nik, Kathy Hackett was a welcome sight. We got to talking and both agreed that all those wonderful endorphins you get by walking (or riding a bike!) to work are----a must have everyday item.



Nooooo it's not the circus, it's Yours Truly and Julie Adamo taking in the sights. I'm leaning forward because we all know how painful a sudden balloon attack can be.


Once again, thanks for everyone who stopped by. And speaking of WELCH MEDICAL LIBRARY pencils----I think they need to go on ebay because we went through 2 boxes and could easily have gone through 5 or 6. I call 'em low tech treats. You say you want your own. Call now, an operator's standing by.


Alonzo LaMont

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