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Changes for the Welch Library inter-library loan system (WELDOC) are coming. Speaking with Lisa Song, from Advanced Technology Information Systems (our ATIS), she cited several clear advantages the new upgrade will provide. "Patrons can access JHED and WELDOC without getting (and going through) another password. Also, there will be no need for resetting passwords". Lisa also mentioned that ATIS did Eisenhower's ILL integration and "everyone seems very pleased with the outcome". Patrons in need of an ILL item, but who may have forgotten their password will no doubt welcome this change. 

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CommComm posted on February 4, 2010 20:52

Lori Rosman our Public Health and Basic Science Informationist, will deliver a lecture on QUOSA this month. Lori shared few comments on the advantages of QUOSA. "It's great for  downloading full texts, storing and managing PDF's, searching the full text of articles, setting up search alerts and you can go back and forth between REFWORKS AND QUOSA in terms of their compatability for bibliographic management. The compatibility with REFWORKS is an excellent feature to have".

Lori's QUOSA lecture is on Feb. 17th, 12;30-1:30 at Mountcastle Auditorium (PCTB Bldg.)

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Please join us for a presentation on the National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences by our international fellow, Baocheng Wang.  Baocheng has degrees in biochemistry and zoology and has been working at the NSL since 2005; he is at Welch to observe our approach to informationist services.


Date:  Monday, February 8, 2010

Time:  1:30 – 2:30pm

Location:  2024 E. Monument Street, Room 1-500Q

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Welch Librarians serve the faculty, students and staff of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions by sharing information about library collections, services, department-specific resources, and by supporting the teaching, clinical, and research needs of each department. Read a more detailed description of the program here, view some of the ways librarians can assist and collaborate with your department here, or view profiles of the librarians below.

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Google Tools

Google has changed the way in which we interact with information, but there is more to Google than the search box. iGoogle is your personalized portal to the Internet. Learn how to configure your own iGoogle page with Google gadgets and how to collect all of your information resources in one place using Google Reader. Google Scholar is a search tool that provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly material, as well as identifying the most relevant research across the world of scholarly research.

Date: February 08, 2010
Start Time: 11:00 AM
End Time: 12:00 PM
Place: Lab #2, 2024 Building
Speaker: Victoria Goode, MLIS
phone Number: (410)955-7559
Cost: Free

Instructor Victoria Goode

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Hello There,


Welcome to the Welch Library Blog. This is our first voyage, and though our destination is not etched in stone, we're hoping the voyage takes us to lands, people and places both near and far.

"Why Blog?"

I won't give you all the acceptable logic. There's a language and rationale that states all the correct protocol for blogging. Let's call it Networking. Staying in touch. Linking up. Connecting. You know the terrain. Sure-Sure, maybe all those factor into the equation. As a medical library we're all about the 360 degrees of communication. But there's another word that comes to mind, and for me that word is Spirit. When all's said and done, whether we're a physical library, a virtual library, a library without walls---what I think holds us together is the Spirit we bring to what we do. A library is more than people rendering and performing services. It's also more than the daily come-and-go of books, more than information retrieval, more than systematic reviews masquerading as literature searches. It's the Spirit  within. The stories between. The daily back and forth. Patron comments. Staff comments. It's the Ravens going down in flames. It's how hard you laughed on the elevator. It's the surprise acknowledgement. The unexpected comment. The dummy who stormed away. The smiling face who showed up. It's another way to sit around the table. I see the library blog as the native drum. A little contemporary tom-tom. That drum doesn't have to relay intelligent facts or minute-to-minute information. It's also the drum for fun, for casual whatnot, and ultimately for sharing what life has to offer. Maybe that's grandiose. So call me grandiose. Just know that if you decide to pay us a visit, bring what you have. We love the information, the factoids, the medical alphabet soup that changes as we speak. But also, sit down at the table and share a recipe, take us to the event, show us a picture, talk books, ideas, things that feel special enough to share. We're starting with blank pages, so let's break out the crayolas.

Alonzo LaMont

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Strathmore Hall is someplace Gary Faulkner recommended. I hadn't heard of it, but it looks like a fantastic place to go. Not too far. Accomodations out the wazoo. What's not to like?

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All the bands were strutting their stuff. Marching up a storm.  Who don't love a parade?

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