This flew into my little cubicle today, and By-Godfrey it's more commentary concerning the function of Libraries in the future. What they discovered is that the future won't necessarily revolve around Libraries, per se----BUT----around Librarians! Yes! Holy Educational Zeitgeist!

"The information professional will be the Library of the future". As everyone who's been promoting "Informationists" can attest, this is where the transformation in Librarianship is taking place. The article actually reports on a roundtable convened by SAGE, a British publisher, as it examines the changing role of Libraries/Librarians in a future that works in collaboration with Open Access.


In "somewhat related news", EuropePubMed Central will now include the full text of life science publications resulting from research supported by British and European governments and institutions. More here.

Not too long ago free online research was strictly a pipe dream, and now the European Research Council partners up with the UK. And just like that the world changes.


Alonzo LaMont


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