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Here are all the juicy particulars in case you happened to miss it.

Alonzo LaMont

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I posted this in on Facebook, and I don't like to repeat---but this one deserves some PR double duty. Here's the link, and I've enclosed a paragraph on the App that caught our eye (it Victoria Goode's eye who forwarded it to my eye)


"EVERNOTE (FREE) The company advertises this as a personal digital assistant, and it’s an apt description. Evernote is a traveling notepad that synchronizes with desktop and browser software (also free). Use your iPhone to copy an image, take a photo, record a voice memo or jot down a note, and it appears on your computer (and vice versa). It also recognizes your written text, within limits. The free version stores a fair amount of information, but for $45 a year, you needn’t sweat the data limits."


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Dashil Jhaveri and Teraneh Zarififar are quite the joyful couple, and why wouldn't they after being part of our runners-up Photo Contest winners. They made time out of their hectic schedule to mosey on over to Welch for me to snap a shot. Both expressed how much fun it was to submit their pictures, and wouldn't mind if we had the Contest AGAIN next year. Dashil mentioned how they and their friends sometimes get together and take pictures of everyone jumping---that's right---just jumping (no doubt for joy)! 



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Welch Photo Contest winner Emilee Flynn looking smart with her brand new backpack (and also nalgene bottle and a few other goodies). Emilee was a gem to meet me outside the Daily Grind in the BRB on a sunny afternoon. Excited to win the contest, she was all all-glow to receive her new stuff. I was going to keep the backpack for myself, but that wouldn't be nice.  


Alonzo LaMont

CommComm posted on November 8, 2010 21:33

Emilee Flynn's "Walk Like An Egyptian" wins the Welch Photo Contest. Congrats to Emilee. She gets a bag of Welch goodies. And with all the prize money-----OK----so there's no prize money, just prizes, but they're all her's.  And in her bag of goodies she gets a pencil, some paper----OK----none of that stuff, we went longball.  She gets a spanking backpack and some nifty other stuff. Now that she's won this round she moves onto the Nationals and a chance to-----OK/OK---alright, there are no "Nationals," this is the end of the line. I'd like to thank all the judges for their time and observant eyes, also I want to thank Nancy Roderer (for "getting the vote out"), and for my co-pilot Victoria Goode who helped steer the "good ship Photo".

Job well done to Emilee. I have to stop now, on happy occasions, I get all ferklempt. (who wants to bet I spelled it right) (I did spell it right).

Alonzo LaMont 

CommComm posted on September 29, 2010 03:56

These lectures appear to cover a wide spectrum of viewpoints as do the speaker. Take a moment from all your fall activities to take in some brain food.

A 2010 view of an interconnected world Johns Hopkins University - The Gazette.mht (597.63 kb)


And this one is just calling out to your "service" genes. Yes, you worked a long week. Yes, you enjoy your weekends---but---just think about what a small effort does for someone in need. OK, I'm done preaching.

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Thought I'd send along this along. The kids are finally back at school. Things have settled down. Why not take a moment and ENJOY SOME GRAPE! Especially since it's sponsored by our very own Johns Hopkins.

CommComm posted on August 26, 2010 18:43

Chances are you've probably already heard about Mary, but I just wanted to re-send her information just in case.

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that she's in our thoughts and prayers.

Mary Kelley

Good Samaritan Hospital


5601 Loch Raven Blvd.

Baltimore, MD 21239

Phone: 443-444-5068



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We had a celebration last week, Debbie McClellan and Nora Smith are both leaving Welch for new adventures. So we had some kind words from Nancy Roderer and Claire Twose expressing our feelings towards all the good work they've done. But "good work" doesn't begin to express what Debbie has meant to Welch. And Nora, during her short time here, has been 'discovered' by many colleagues (and since my office is right next to her's I count myself as someone who appreciated her daily doses of good humor).

We all had cake, goodies, and gifts were exchanged. A good time was had by one and all.


Nancy, Debbie and Claire...



Nora receives a bag of goodies....


Debbie is genuinely touched.....

As was everyone else. During these moments you can't help but feel happy and elated for the many years, the accomplishments---and also for the new life that awaits them both. Debbie's world is sure to be full. Nora moves on to MIT. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say "all the best" to both.

CommComm posted on August 20, 2010 19:14

(Nancy Roderer on the left, Catherine on the right)

Before she left Welch, Catherine Craven let me ask a few questions about her time here and her future plans. As mentioned in the interview, Catherine brought a very real energy to her job and also to her duties as Chair of the Communications Committee As a member of that Committee, I can attest to her genuine commitment and passion to the Welch Library and Johns Hopkins. She'll be missed. 


Catherine Craven was her for three years and I’m sure everyone remembers her “go get ‘em tiger!” walk and personality. “Clearly this is THEE most amazing biomedical center in the country and one of the best in the world. You’ll never go anywhere else and get this quality of people working and caring. From the hospital staff, to the people who mop the floors to everybody who works at Welch, throughout the entire clinical group, everybody cares. There’s an intensity here that you’ll never find anywhere else. And that’s a really ideal situation to be able to plug into”.

As Catherine elaborated, it was clear that a lot of her recollections haven’t entirely been relegated to the professional aspects and observations, but also included the personal transitions and occasions Welch has seen during her stay.

“What kind of personal transitions are you speaking about Catherine?”

“You know in just these three years we’ve had family members who’ve passed away, we’ve had births, deaths, some folks have endured illness or injury---all of this has really brought me into seeing Welch as my family. I have ‘real’ family in Missouri and Michigan, but my experiences at Welch have just touched my heart. I know it's corny to say that. But there it is. Long after I reflect on the many individual projects, “important people,” and challenging tasks---what I’ll remember are the people here at Welch that I’ve come to care about”.

We joked about my remembrance of seeing Catherine for the first time. My initial observation was “there goes a hard-charging woman. She’s walking SOMEWHERE”.  She admitted that her walk is unique, and people have commented in the past on it's forcefulness. When I asked about the biggest hurdle she felt when she arrived, “I’ll say it was---well, it was starting to become steeped in the culture and the history of Johns Hopkins. I came to realize how important that culture was to so many people.  I was excited to become part of that. Every single day I think I learned something new. I always tell people that one of the more humbling things around here is the opportunity to work with, and be around so many thousands of truly brilliant people. I hope in my own way I’ve made at least a little small mark.”

“So Catherine what I’m hearing is that you plugged into the---shall we say---"electric atmosphere" right away. But that seems like the same current you operate on as well, yes?”

“I’d like to think that some people have their very own ‘volume dial’ and on a scale of 1-to-10 they can dial it up, but perhaps it takes a little time to get to 10. And then there are other people who dial it up pretty quickly and prefer to work in the---7-to-10 range on the dial, I’ve gotta say that I’m probably one of those 7-to-10 people. At alot of places, that’s probably a little too intense---but Hopkins is a place where, for the most part, that volume is appreciated. That being said, I also have a true appreciation for those who tether the anchor. All in all, it takes that kind of combination to make departments and projects move forward."

Catherine is returning to the Univ. of Missouri to get her Ph.D in Medical Informatics. “It’s an exciting time to go back. I get to polish up some research skills, learn a few technical skills, and to get a few more project management skills. But I have to say---that it would really be an amazing thing if my career blew me back this way. I’m one of those people who LOVES Baltimore, I love this city. I would really, really enjoy coming back here”.

Catherine relayed that the genesis (and actual arrival) of the Welch Facebook page and the library blog came from input she received with the Communications Committee. “I can’t take any credit for that. Basically I just try to bring an energy. I like to bring some energy, some excitement and enthusiasm.”

Catherine is moving back to Columbia, Missouri and has fond memories of her previous time there. “And if anyone from the Welch family is passing through there along I-70 I’ll certainly make room for them in my humble little bungalow”.  


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