Victoria Goode and Alonzo had the opportunity to chat with Elizabeth Tracey, Director of Electronia News Media for Johns Hopkins Medicine. We were chock-full of questions about her very-popular PODMED podcast. We also focused on her work process and teaming up with Rick Lange, Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins and Vice-Chairman of Medicine at the Univ. of Medicine Health Science Center.


Elizabeth has been Podcasting for 8 years, and the popularity of PODMED and her PODBLOG have grown into tremendously popular online events. If you aren't already a subscriber I definitely recommend jumping on the bandwagon. Enjoy her reflections and observations, she is indeed a force.

Here we go --- September Podcast

0 - 1:25 Introduction

1) 1:25 - What made you start Podcasting?


2) 3:08 - How did you and Rick get started together?


3) 3:55 - Since you started, have you seen a change to your approach?


4) 4:30 - Did you ever anticipate that Podcasting would become the force that it is?


5) 5:16 - How do you choose your topics?


6) 6:17 - Are there topics you want to go back and re-touch upon?


7) 6:55 - How did you become such a "one-woman band?" (Writer, Editor, Producer)


8) 7:30 - What the biggest weekly challenge?


9) 8:15 - What's your greatest weekly challenge?


10) 9:25 - Has there ever been an "a-ha" moment, where you realized your Podcasts were really taking off?


11) 9:52 - What kinds of stories does Rick bring to your attention?


12) 10:56 - What territory do you see Podcasting moving towards in the future?


13) 12:12 - Was creating a blogging a natural extension?


14) 12:35 - 15:08 Miscellaneous thoughts on the effects of Podcasting. We mention Evidence-Based Medicine, private physicians and the current study on Organic foods.


Alonzo LaMont

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This flew into my little cubicle today, and By-Godfrey it's more commentary concerning the function of Libraries in the future. What they discovered is that the future won't necessarily revolve around Libraries, per se----BUT----around Librarians! Yes! Holy Educational Zeitgeist!

"The information professional will be the Library of the future". As everyone who's been promoting "Informationists" can attest, this is where the transformation in Librarianship is taking place. The article actually reports on a roundtable convened by SAGE, a British publisher, as it examines the changing role of Libraries/Librarians in a future that works in collaboration with Open Access.


In "somewhat related news", EuropePubMed Central will now include the full text of life science publications resulting from research supported by British and European governments and institutions. More here.

Not too long ago free online research was strictly a pipe dream, and now the European Research Council partners up with the UK. And just like that the world changes.


Alonzo LaMont


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CommComm posted on September 5, 2012 07:17

here we are (AGAIN!) giving away the farm and mixing it up with our peeps. Donna Hesson, SPH Informationist and Alonzo were right by the Wall of Images, answering questions left and right.


Ross, who's last name I forgot, was an early bird, and it's a good thing because we're just about to get swamped.


Ms. Schuster from Colorado was telling me it's her first time "back east". From the Rocky Mountains to Baltimore City. Hope nobody puts "The Wire" on her syllabus this semester. Nothing against gritty, urban realism---but that stuff's so real it makes ME want to do drugs. Apologies to Ms. Schuster, I was laughing so hard when she said she was from (and practically spelled it out) "Boulder," I got caught with my own shaky cam. Told her I did realize that Boulder AND Colorado were in the US of A.



These two are amused at my carnival barking Welch T-Shirt offer. What do they think---that T-Shirts grow on trees? One of them told me they actually had OTHER T-Shirts. I didn't know people made other T-Shirts. They did go for the frisbees.


The day winds down. So many folks wondered WHERE the Welch Library was----"you can see it right through those doors," sez I. These 3 now know who their assigned Informationist is, and how to make contact. Believe I detected big sighs all around.

Other questions that came up: "how do we order books? How do we get to the databases? Are there other places on campus to study other than the library? What classes do you offer? How do I get help with research? Who can help me with RefWorks?" All of these can be answered by a quick trip to WelchWeb, and if you go to our "HOW TO" link at the top of the page, you'll see a drop down to a galaxy of FAQ's. 


Alonzo Lamont

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CommComm posted on September 3, 2012 21:09
Clinical Informationist, Jaime Blanck explains how to obtain articles. Alonzo LaMont

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On the road again! Welch moseyed on over to the School of Nursing to press some flesh and share some knowledge. This time it's Stella Seal, Informationist for the School of Nursing, tending to her flock. We had a great number of students pop by our table. All seemed to leave with smiles, a relaxed state of mind AND more Welch Library facts than you can shake a stick at. Maybe it was just the free candy. Folks did seem to appreciate who we were, where we were and how they could find journals and databases.



With Stella working the informationist mojo magic in the background, yours truly Alonzo doing the heavy lifting. Taking pictures.


Told they could win a Welch T-Shirt or a Mercedes. Who wouldn't be happy.


Alonzo LaMont

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CommComm posted on August 29, 2012 19:55

In case you haven't happened across our YouTube Channel yet, (from Website, scroll down and keep scrollin' till you reach bottom) we've added several new items. They're short "Video Moments" so you won't embark on an undertaking beyond your time limit or attention span. (We think of everything) Our new ones look at "Grey Literature" and "Full-Text Access".


If you've got a subject you want a few answers to---and chances are others may be asking the same questions---send me an e-mail and perhaps we can make a short moment that explores your topic.


Alonzo LaMont

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CommComm posted on August 29, 2012 19:32

Fall is upon us, and Welch hits the Campus Road for a series of Student Orientations. Here's Rob Wright, Basic Science & Public Health Informationist, being a rock star down in Turner Auditorium. He downplays it, but this time of year all the Informationists ARE rock stars---and why you ask? Because everyone needs that start-of-school INFORMATION. All questions great and small come their way. It's a joy to behold. So here's Rob chitting the chat, bringing calm to the chaos....

Feel free to insert your own witty anecdotes to these, I added my own just for good measure. And thanks to all the students who allowed me to snap a pic.

"No I didn't invent TIme, but if you go to the Welch Website I can show you how to request a few books on clocks..."





Rob reflects. Much like Bon Jovi, he too goes to "a quiet place".




If you're reading this today (8/29/12) tomorrow Stella Seal (another rock star) and yours truly Alonzo will be over at the School of Nursing from 3:00pm - 5:00pm doing much the same. Stop by and say Hi, we're giving out a few Welch bags----gettum while they're hot!

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There's a captivating story that leads off this article, and it presents an almost euphoric sense of the potential for "ehealth" to expand and prosper. However, (and maybe it's me) as you read further you see that ultimately we're talking about healthcare systems buying up smaller physician's practices and the result is the creation of what seems like a cottage industry of leviathan healthcare systems. I'm no doctor, and I never played one on television but if your medical information is, say, oh, maybe----WRONG in one system---it's wrong all over the place.


But it's important to note that----and sentiments are expressed along these lines---that it's a brave, new world that doesn't quite have a healthcare roadmap at this point. Feel free to e-mail me and say a word or two. 


Alonzo LaMont

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How many times have you heard it said about a musician, or an artist that they "sold out". Ohhhh, the horror. The Indignity. Is this not the worst condemnation that could be ever be applied? Our contemporary version of "selling out" seems to have been invented by the Woodstock Generation, (at least they seemed to popularize the concept), and it's the official scarlet letter for any young artist. A wider lens reveals that throughout history there have been a zillion examples of artists, or enterprising individuals with a concept, a business, or just the germ of an idea---who was faced with an offer they just couldn't refuse. Putting food on the table is a pretty strong motivational tool when it involves the decision-making process.

I just read an article (the article is in the current edition of "Adventure Cycling", but you can't get it---so I wiki'd it up---scroll down to "Company History") about the creator of the "Clif Bar," Gary Erickson, who turned down a $120 million dollar offer from Quaker Oats in 2000. One Hundred and Twenty Million Dollars. Why? He didn't want to give away the identity he'd established. For 120 mil, I'd keep the check and go establish me a couple more identities. However, the perception of selling out was perhaps not what we thought to begin with. Don't take my word for it, from the sounds of things Hopkins is re-inventing the discussion to fit the changing world of academic research. As the article states, science and industry are fast becoming best buds. Maybe you've got a different take? Let me know.


Alonzo LaMont

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