On the road again! Welch moseyed on over to the School of Nursing to press some flesh and share some knowledge. This time it's Stella Seal, Informationist for the School of Nursing, tending to her flock. We had a great number of students pop by our table. All seemed to leave with smiles, a relaxed state of mind AND more Welch Library facts than you can shake a stick at. Maybe it was just the free candy. Folks did seem to appreciate who we were, where we were and how they could find journals and databases.



With Stella working the informationist mojo magic in the background, yours truly Alonzo doing the heavy lifting. Taking pictures.


Told they could win a Welch T-Shirt or a Mercedes. Who wouldn't be happy.


Alonzo LaMont


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CommComm posted on August 29, 2012 19:32

Fall is upon us, and Welch hits the Campus Road for a series of Student Orientations. Here's Rob Wright, Basic Science & Public Health Informationist, being a rock star down in Turner Auditorium. He downplays it, but this time of year all the Informationists ARE rock stars---and why you ask? Because everyone needs that start-of-school INFORMATION. All questions great and small come their way. It's a joy to behold. So here's Rob chitting the chat, bringing calm to the chaos....

Feel free to insert your own witty anecdotes to these, I added my own just for good measure. And thanks to all the students who allowed me to snap a pic.

"No I didn't invent TIme, but if you go to the Welch Website I can show you how to request a few books on clocks..."





Rob reflects. Much like Bon Jovi, he too goes to "a quiet place".




If you're reading this today (8/29/12) tomorrow Stella Seal (another rock star) and yours truly Alonzo will be over at the School of Nursing from 3:00pm - 5:00pm doing much the same. Stop by and say Hi, we're giving out a few Welch bags----gettum while they're hot!

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CommComm posted on May 18, 2012 19:44

Amber Jones contacted the Library offered up a few observations she had based on her experience working with our Clinical Informationist, Victoria Goode.  

"I get regular requests from my boss for rare, out of print, foreign language, or very old journals and manuscripts. We are a little difficult because often times the texts are not available on campus, and we do not accept facsimiles available through Weldoc because they are poor quality when it comes to images accompanying the text. Because the images are often an integral part of the text we really require the hard copies of the texts so that we can scan them in high def color on the scanner in his office."


So how's Victoria enter the equation?


"Our librarian is Victoria Goode. She's just awesome! Usually,  I either have to submit very specific Weldoc requests or enlist the help of Victoria to guide me through the request process. Often we're requesting texts from outside JH.


Victoria always responds to my queries very quickly, typically within minutes of me contacting her, and usually she's already started working on it by the time she gets back to me. She always does everything she can to help me get the texts I need as quickly as possible. She's very friendly and professional, and such a pleasure to work with. I'm positive she's up to her eyeballs in work but she never makes me feel like my requests are no trouble at all.


I really appreciate her assistance and I know I can rely on her if I need anything that I can't figure out myself."


Folks, we can't make this stuff up! Extraordinary praise you say? We like to think this is just business as usual.



Another satisfied customer, Amber Jones on the left, with our own Victoria Goode.

Alonzo LaMont


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CommComm posted on May 17, 2012 22:55

May is here! And we're podcasting away!

Along with my co-host Victoria Goode, this month our guests are Dr. Patrick Breysse, Program Director Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, along Katie Lobner, Welch Clinical Informationist. Here's the breakdown: 

0-53:  - Introductions

.54 - 9:15 - Dr. Patrick Breysse, follows up on our Blog Interview about his program.

9:17 - 15: 10 - Katie Lobner, speaks about the challenges of being a relatively new Clinical Informationist at Welch.

15:18 - 18: 54 News about Welch Bike Ride which starts on May 18th. That's TOMORROW for everyone keeping count.  

Listen at your leisure.

If you have questions or would like to discuss a subject you think the Hopkins community would like to know about, by all means let us know.


Alonzo LaMont




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Could there be any real doubt that our Informationists are taking the world by storm? Our very own Peggy Gross, Public Health and Basic Science Informationist, and Victoria Goode, Clinical Informationist, recently had an article published in the Maryland Medicine Journal. Of course, these aren't the only Informationists from Welch who've had articles published---they're just the most current ones. By next week, who knows what'll be in store. Enjoy.


Alonzo LaMont


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CommComm posted on March 29, 2012 21:15

Our very own Claire Twose, Associate Director & Public Health/Basic Sciences Informationist made her way into a lenghty case study article on "Embedded Librarianship" in Power To The Librarian. The article details Claire's work with Dr. Roberta Scherer with the Cochrane Collection.

Claire worked to develop searches for specific reviews in the field of eyes and vision---and if that wasn't enough---she assisted the Cochrane in researching how they currently conduct systematic reviews. But I can't give away anymore goodies, the article comments on the collaborative process, and Claire provides insight into the ever-evolving role of Informationists.

I'd be neglect in my duties if I didn't take a moment to mention that Claire is notorious for her KrazyKat hat collection. If there's a jazz quartet looking for a "front woman," I'd nominate Claire. It's to the point that when I sport a hat of my own, everyone assumes I'm mimicking one of her's. People, my sartorial street cred is on life-support.


Alonzo LaMont


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This article has some great quotes and observations which show up more and more in the debate over the future of libraries. Here's one of them:

"..........Part of it is that the library's focus has changed, and I think in some ways the library is reverting back to the library as it should have always been — as a service point rather than a great collector," said Mike DiCarlo, Louisiana Tech's Dean of Library Services.

"In the 19th and 20th centuries, collecting was important. Now the library becomes more of a service organization helping the researcher find and navigate material in the electronic age."


Alonzo LaMont


CommComm posted on March 11, 2011 21:58

CommComm posted on February 2, 2011 21:22

Kathy Danko, here at Welch, forwarded this along. (Is there anything better than FREE training? I think not). "The Dynamed Team" is going the extra mile. With this e-mail, consider yourself a customer, and consider their offer an opportunity.

"Dear DynaMed Customer,

We’d like to thank you for subscribing to DynaMed, EBSCO’s evidence-based, clinical reference tool for physicians.

Are your physicians and clinical staff taking full advantage of the valuable content in DynaMed?  Do you or others on your team need a refresher on searching this valuable resource?

EBSCO offers free online training regarding DynaMed.  All you need to sign up and attend is access to a computer.

Click a date/time below to register:

               Friday, February 4th from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, EDT

       Monday, March 7th from 2:00pm to 3:00pm, EDT

Friday, March 25th from 11:00am to 12:00pm, EDT


To view other online courses, visit http://training.ebsco.com.  You can also request a complimentary, customized training session for you and your team.  To send a request, simply click here.


The DynaMed Team"

Alonzo LaMont

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CommComm posted on January 18, 2011 22:01

The title should probably be "Troubling clinical studies, or lack thereof." the Times dishes the dirt...


Alonzo LaMont

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