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You don't want to lose your RefWorks account. Nobody would. So, follow the instructions on the link to ensure that your information stays active. This is valuable info so please read  CAREFULLY.

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Summer WILL arrive (eventually!) and maybe this weekend you should stop by Patapsco State Park. I've been there a few times, and all that Nature can get all up in ya. I love it.

I stopped by Mountcastle Auditorium and saw Katie Vizenor and Victoria Goode doing a bang-up job with "Personal Information Management". They imparted all sorts of info about sorting through your own digital universe. They covered 'formal' topics such as Refworks & Reference Manager, but also took audience questions that pertained to personal finance, e-mail, bookmarks, and managing your contacts and calendars. I think this class would be tremendously popular if offered at least several times, and at different venues. I love Mountcastle, but Katie and Victoria clearly tapped into a vein that I think half the campus would appreciate. The suggested reading they offered was William Jones' "Keeping Found Things Found". (I've enclosed some info and comments about the book). 

Keeping Found Things Found The Book.mht (53.99 kb)




1) Introduction to Grant Writing -- A Welch Class (pre-registration req.)

Date: March 30, 2010
Start Time: 01:00 PM
End Time: 04:00 PM
Place: Welch Library, Mezzanine
Speaker: Deborah McClellan, Ph.D.
phone Number: (410)955-7559
Cost: Free


Designed for those with little or no grant-writing experience, this session introduces essentials of grant preparation, from developing a research idea to revising and resubmitting a proposal. The focus is on R01 applications for the NIH, but many of the principles apply equally to proposals for other agencies. The course emphasizes conveying scientific content clearly and succinctly through logical organization and effective presentation of the proposed research.

2) Personal Information Management -- A Welch Class (pre-registration req.)

Date: March 31, 2010
Start Time: 09:30 AM
End Time: 11:30 AM
Place: Mountcastle Auditorium
Speaker: Katie Vizenor, MLS, MA & Victoria Goode, MLIS
phone Number: (410)955-7559
Cost: Free

Socio-technical researcher Victoria Bellotti defines Personal Information Management (PIM) as “the ordering of information through categorization, placement, or embellishment in a manner that makes it easier to retrieve when it is needed”. Using William Jones’ Keeping Found Things Found as a guide, this 2-hour workshop will take you through the steps of defining you information needs and style, choosing and using personal information technologies, maintaining your files and protecting your privacy.


3) Quosa: A Welch Class (pre-registration req.)

Date: March 31, 2010
Start Time: 01:00 PM
End Time: 02:15 PM
Place: Lab #2, 2024 Building
Speaker: Stella Seal, MLS
phone Number: (410)955-7559
Cost: Free

PubMed is the National Library of Medicine's database that provides access to over 17 million biomedical citations and offers links to many online publications and related articles. Learn about Citation Matcher to locate incomplete citations and how the Details, History and Clipboard features can assist you in creating searches and managing results. Learn to build expert search strategies with the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) Database, save search strategies and set up alerts via MyNCBI, and how to access Welch electronic journal holdings or request articles through FIND IT @ JH.



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I received e-mails from my Welch Co-Conspirators Sue Woodson and Kathy Danko touting the new Primal Pictures database.  Both Kathy and Sue have their hands in ALL THINGS NEW, DIGITAL, ELECTRONIC OR OTHERWISE IN CONNECTION TO WELCH---and both now serve as my own personal secret digital spies. Each graciously sent updates pertaining to the arrival of Primal Pictures Interactive Anatomy. A very unique tool indeed.  The value of online anatomy resources can be summed it in the following succinct little quote: “they contain complete anatomical 3D computer-generated models of human anatomy.  Users may manipulate the images by rotating, zooming, and peeling away layers, while viewing accompanying text.  Includes biomechanical animations, dynamic MRI, movie clips to supplement the 3D model and interactive quizzes.”

Along with Primal Pictures the Welch Library now subscribes to several other anatomy resources:

Net Anatomy (SES)
•Primal Pictures Interactive Anatomy
•Thieme Teaching Assistant, Anatomy (Thieme)

Catherine Craven, one of our illustrious Welch Clinical Informationist Liaisons, stated "there are certain subjects that need visualization. Online anatomy provides great visuals and quizzing tools as well as other functionality that make it excellent for learning".  



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