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WML Podcast 01, September.mp3 (14.20 mb)

Victoria Goode & Alonzo LaMont




WELCH PODCAST #2, October.mp3 (16.62 mb)

Nancy Roderer & Alonzo LaMont

On the Podcast (see below) the Director of the Welch Library, Nancy Roderer, speaks about the upcoming changes and provides some background information on the necessity for the Library's evolution.



November. Podcast #3 (22.69 mb)

Victoria Goode and Alonzo LaMont

1) 1:00-5:00 minutes, Victoria speaks about the "average" daily duties and responsibilities she experiences----including the basics behind how she constructs search strategies & presentations. Most especially, she presents the ways she helps patrons avoid the 'kitchen sink" searching method, winding up with loads of citations and information they DON'T need.


2) At 5:00, I ask Victoria how she's gauged the mood and tone around campus surrounding the upcoming library changes.


3) 6:50, I asked Victoria what she felt were the most important needs of our medical community. What do they need most from a library resource.


4) 11:50 we address the foothold that Integrative Medicine has taken with medical institutions. The article that I mention is from the Atlantic and it addresses the success of Dr. Brian Berman and his Center with the University of Maryland. In our monthly newsletter I  posted an article that cited Dr. Berman ("the growth of quackademic medicine....")


5) 16:45, final thoughts the New Clinical Building Expo (lots of Hopkins organizations convened down in the Turner concourse) regarding the comments we received. Victoria and I shared an information table, but I wanted her take on the feedback people gave us about the Welch changes.


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