Thomas Hartung - Entrant 13

Entrant 13 Best geographical Nature shot: "Palm trees breezin in the sway"


Entrant 13 Most creative Mobile Technology shot: "I was here first---and that's final!"


Entrant 13 Best Baltimore shot: Windows a-go-go


Entrant 13 Best Exotic Locale: "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood"


Best Inclusion of an animal: "If I was real this would taste soooo good"


 Entrant 13 Messiest shot: "kaleidascope life"



Entrant 13 Happiest shot: "But I'm smiling on the inside" 


Entrant 13 Most Creative shot "I told you, no socks, socks around the corner"


Entrant 13 Best Geographical Nature shot: "Anyway you say it, it's still green slime" 

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