Welch I Love the Library Campaign II: Photo Contest

Submit your photos to US, and we'll post them.

We’ve got 30 categories your photos can be considered for. Here’s what you do: Get a camera, think about the category you're submitting to, take a picture, submit. Easy squeezey! No rinse, no repeat. Maybe you're the furthest away location-wise? Maybe you have “the best travel outfit” (pink khakis to match that tutu?)  How about “the best serious research face” (do you keep that research frown facing down)?  “Best shameless self-promotion pic” (I love me, do you love you?).  Or submit your pet rotweiller Fifi who could win “best inclusion of an animal” (in a humane manner). Then there’s “the most caring nurse shot?” (we accept real or fake tears)---or take it back to basics---maybe you’ve got “the happiest shot” (I’m wearing my happy face right now).  If you’re a total piglet maybe you nail ---- “the messiest shot” (same baggy sweats and medusa hair? oink-oink, you could win the day). And then there’s “Most people in a shot” (think educational, not happy hour). Anyway you slice it---you’re looking at a buffet of choices. We’ll post your pics when we get them, you can see what you’re up against. Weigh the competition. Plot their demise. HOLY SHAMWOW---it’s worth a chuckle or two. Just break out the digital---point and click.  Sure a picture’s worth a thousand words------but Welch has prizes.


And here are the ultimate-no-nonsense-because-we-have-to-protect-ourselves CONTEST RULES!!!

All this HUBBUB is just an extenuation of the original I LOVE THE LIBRARY campaign. We just wanted to let the good times roll.


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