CommComm posted on August 27, 2010 21:49

Because the issue comes up from time to time, I just want to pass along some instructions Stella Seal passed along to us yesterday. Also, thanks to Jim Watson and Ivy Garner for "furthering the debate" and bringing this issue to everyone's attention.

"Remember, if people are getting a wonky message (or sort of flashy screen in Weldoc) it means they have to have an email address set up in their JHED profile.


Tell the patron to log into


Once there, they click on the profile button (top button on the left hand side).

Once in the profile, they click on the University tab.

In this tab, the third line is for email. Theirs is likely to be empty. It MUST be populated for Weldoc to work. Have them enter an email address and then save the changes.


Their Weldoc account should work then."


Alonzo LaMont




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