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Amber Jones contacted the Library offered up a few observations she had based on her experience working with our Clinical Informationist, Victoria Goode.  

"I get regular requests from my boss for rare, out of print, foreign language, or very old journals and manuscripts. We are a little difficult because often times the texts are not available on campus, and we do not accept facsimiles available through Weldoc because they are poor quality when it comes to images accompanying the text. Because the images are often an integral part of the text we really require the hard copies of the texts so that we can scan them in high def color on the scanner in his office."


So how's Victoria enter the equation?


"Our librarian is Victoria Goode. She's just awesome! Usually,  I either have to submit very specific Weldoc requests or enlist the help of Victoria to guide me through the request process. Often we're requesting texts from outside JH.


Victoria always responds to my queries very quickly, typically within minutes of me contacting her, and usually she's already started working on it by the time she gets back to me. She always does everything she can to help me get the texts I need as quickly as possible. She's very friendly and professional, and such a pleasure to work with. I'm positive she's up to her eyeballs in work but she never makes me feel like my requests are no trouble at all.


I really appreciate her assistance and I know I can rely on her if I need anything that I can't figure out myself."


Folks, we can't make this stuff up! Extraordinary praise you say? We like to think this is just business as usual.



Another satisfied customer, Amber Jones on the left, with our own Victoria Goode.

Alonzo LaMont

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