CommComm posted on August 16, 2010 01:49

We've got a newbie roaming the stacks and hallways. Katie Lobner, a recent graduate of  the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has planted her Clinical Informationist flag at the Welch Library.

Yours truly, Alonzo, has the hot scoop on her arrival. Katie credits her fascination with librarianship to a New York Times article ( from 2008. I asked Katie, who calls Wisconsin home, about her transition to Baltimore in terms of becoming an urban adventuress. "I do dislike the MVA (dept. of motor vehicles) experience," (she gets no argument there!) "but I like all the quirky little neighborhoods". Ahhh yes, we Baltimoreans have cornered the market on quirky. We eat quirky for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Regarding the overall Welch/Hopkins experience Katie confesses that "the lines of communication are open and it's definitely a team effort." Were truer words ever spoken. When asked about what, particularly, she enjoys about being a Clinical Informationist Katie stated "I like tackling projects where people don't exactly know where to go next". As I got a little bit nosier she said that what she's most startled by is that "people often don't expext you to help them, and seem genuinely surprised when you do". She also gleefully noted that "a patron who comes back for more help is a very reqarding interaction."

Katie's Mom and Dad have been around to help with her settling in. And, from her the sound of things she's making her way to a variety of eateries and places-to-go spots. We both shared a smile about the wait-time for the Blue Moon Cafe (on the weekend---fuggetaboutit!), the tasty food factor of The Diz and the nooks and crannies of Charles Village.

Now, Katie's lived in other places,  she's been a little bit here and there, so don't go stigmatizing her about Wisconsin being in the middle of nowhere (it's not). And don't go making jokes about cheese (who doesn't love cheese). These are childish, juvenile attempts at humor. I tried both and they just don't work. 


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