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So there we are on the Friday before Halloween, when Barbara Watkins makes her little innocent e-mail announcement about how she brought us some goodies. Well, the rest of the day sounded like everyone was taking a pilgrimmage to Mecca because all I heard were footsteps in-and-out of the ILL office. I myself had to stop at TWO pieces of carrot cake, and then had to rationalize why I shouldn't have THREE. All I saw were folks loading up on lemon squares, carrot cake and Halloween candy! Talk about supersized joy! Below you'll see how the carrot cake was being devoured. She had the nerve, the sheer audacity to bring in not JUST an entire PLATTER of carrot cake, but LEMON SQUARES to boot! Holy Willy Wonka!


A mountain of innocent Lemon Squares......before the carnage set in.


Icebergs that break away from Antarctica aren't this big!


I'm begging you Barbara Watkins, don't make me increase my bike commute because of your devilish culinary feasts. Have you no mercy?! Kidding aside, it was all tooooooo delicious for words. Thanks again, Barbara. She refused to have her picture taken, but that's OK----I've got the evidence.


Now about Christmas............

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