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          I stumbled across this novel idea that seeks to replace medications such as valium, or any other feelgood pill with----self-help books. The fairly recent program doles out books that deal with anxiety or depression that may not specifically fall within the realm of self-help, but perhaps offer stories that tackle issues of the human condition related to a behavior patrons may be experiencing. And the juicy big reveal is that the books are distributed by your local general practitioner. In Ireland, a new program has taken off using gp's as librarians.         



(Above: Elaine Martin, Senior Psychologist, who piloted the North Inner

City Partnership in Primary Care (in Dublin) in collaboration with the

Dublin City Public Libraries to create the state's first Bibliotherapy Scheme.

Other bibliotherapy or healthy reading schemes, have been started around the State

including "Mind Yourself" in Wexford and in October of this year, the "Your Good Self"

 programme in North Cork)


Alonzo LaMont

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