This past Sunday Carrie Price (new Welch Informationist) and Yours Truly Alonzo (not new at all) went out into the stinkin, stankin heat to Tour 5 or 6 parks in Baltimore City. The ride raised money for the Department of Parks and Recreation (some know this as the Dept. of Recreation and Parks) to improve our city parks.


Here we are in Dickeyville, a very quaint community in Northwest Baltimore. It's off the beaten path, but a true gem filled with great old houses, a waterfall and lots and lots of local atmosphere. I also crossed paths with Stephanie Shapiro from Inside Hopkins along the way.


We stop to rest in Druid Hill Park. The sun is baking, but shade is everywhere. A little bit after this I talk Carrie into----I mean Carrie agrees to turn our 25 miler, into a 33 miler. What a trooper. She deserves major macho points. We saw even more of the city, and no matter how well you know Baltimore----there's always a surprise somewhere.




Here's my friend Dwight Pinkney, who with the help of his wife Anne, have helped organize this ride for the last 10 years. It doesn't look like it here, but there were over 1,000 participants and we had live jazz and food once we crossed the finish line. PLUS, we get bragging rights over everybody who thinks they know what it's like to travel in Baltimore City. Kudos again to my riding buddy Carrie, she negotiated city traffic like a pro. who beat the heat? We did.


Alonzo Lamont  

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