Sorry we missed you yesterday at the celebration for the new clinical buildings. It was PACKED solid. Wall-to-Wall. But a good vibe was had by all. The "red carpet" treatment was a very nice touch. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our information table to inquire about Welch, or just to pass along a kind or two. And I must say, there were many kind words. I told my information table buddy Julie Adamo that "folks just seem to want to share". So we listened and shared. Hey, I could listen to praise 24/7 (even if I'm not the direct recipient, I'm STILL grabbing my share!). Not only were questions asked about the future of the library, but we also had our fair share of gentle remembrances. Here are a couple pictures...


Angela Kohli (left) and Carmela Lynch wanted us to know that they really, really, really appreciated getting their articles from Welch. They even gave us more than a few "no really, thanks" just to show they were serious. Isn't this picture is too charming for words.




Agatha Garner also had good stuff to pass along. I told her "Agatha, just ONE picture---I need proof". Wish I hadn't run out of candy and welch pencils, but I don't think she minded too much.





Former Welch-nik, Kathy Hackett was a welcome sight. We got to talking and both agreed that all those wonderful endorphins you get by walking (or riding a bike!) to work are----a must have everyday item.



Nooooo it's not the circus, it's Yours Truly and Julie Adamo taking in the sights. I'm leaning forward because we all know how painful a sudden balloon attack can be.


Once again, thanks for everyone who stopped by. And speaking of WELCH MEDICAL LIBRARY pencils----I think they need to go on ebay because we went through 2 boxes and could easily have gone through 5 or 6. I call 'em low tech treats. You say you want your own. Call now, an operator's standing by.


Alonzo LaMont

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