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Our very own Claire Twose, Associate Director & Public Health/Basic Sciences Informationist made her way into a lenghty case study article on "Embedded Librarianship" in Power To The Librarian. The article details Claire's work with Dr. Roberta Scherer with the Cochrane Collection.

Claire worked to develop searches for specific reviews in the field of eyes and vision---and if that wasn't enough---she assisted the Cochrane in researching how they currently conduct systematic reviews. But I can't give away anymore goodies, the article comments on the collaborative process, and Claire provides insight into the ever-evolving role of Informationists.

I'd be neglect in my duties if I didn't take a moment to mention that Claire is notorious for her KrazyKat hat collection. If there's a jazz quartet looking for a "front woman," I'd nominate Claire. It's to the point that when I sport a hat of my own, everyone assumes I'm mimicking one of her's. People, my sartorial street cred is on life-support.


Alonzo LaMont  

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