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Perhaps you've already heard this story. Hunkered down in the article it mentions that since 2007, 90,000 youth have had plastic surgery (not all related to bullying). I posted a similiar article in FB that looked at how much (that increasingly over-used) "self-esteem" has become both culprit and cure-all for all things related to hurt feelings. Heavens to Betsy----hurt feelings are now officially the end of the universe. So go get a face change. That's what self-esteem is tied to correct? Beauty. It seems not a day goes by when some commentator isn't rhapsodizing about someone's self-esteem, or someone's RENEWED self-esteem. Will beauty give people self-esteem? Evidently. It's already well-chronicled. So many lucky teens, so much self-esteem.

Almost by osmosis, beauty and self-esteem have become tied at the hip. If you're thinking that strength of character, perserverance, or sense of achievement have jumped ship---you'd be right. The message seems to be that this isn't their domain anymore. Because when your worth is defined chiefly by your looks----well----game over. Take your ball and go home. 

Bullying is no joke. And unlike when other generations grew up, you can't go home and leave it on the playground. The Twitterverse won't let you. However, is it asking too much not to seek out the available extremes? The solution to what life throws our way doesn't always involve breast augmentation or rhinoplasty. Hurt feelings happen everyday. Judging by the multitude of ills, anxieties, allergies, phobias, depressions and suicides that plague teenagers these days---(google up "teens and self-esteem, behold a cottage industry) chances are that if I can buy you some self-esteem, could be you're not really getting your money's worth. This topis has generated a plethora of responses---others say this much better than I.


Alonzo LaMont 


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