This is actually a re-post from our Facebook page from August 9th, but it certainly qualifies as a topic worthy of a second look There seems to be more than a little uproar surrounding iPads, smartphones, tablets and hospital IT staffs having the technology to work all these gizmos. Judging from the comments in this article, the theoretical smacks right up against the hard reality. For hospitals nowhere near the mobile technology boom, you can hear that little green-eyed monster of envy rearing it's ugly head as we speak. As with all things, supply and demand will ultimately dictate the market for the gotta-have new medical toys. However, the more pointed question is the issue of hospital haves and hospital have-nots. Who's gonna get your business? Who makes the greater impression when they enter a hospital room? Do you want your bedside manner to be smooth talk, or real time data? I'm aware of the value of each, but patients can be a demanding bunch these days. Everybody wants their own piece of empowerment bragging rights.


Alonzo LaMont

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