CommComm posted on June 21, 2012 18:10

How'd he get it? All he did was send us some FEEDBACK (it's the link on the far right on WelchWeb). Here he is taking in the moment.....but look further down.......

And VOILA---!!!---here he is after I told him that I bicycled up from East Baltimore to the Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, on a sizzling summer day just to give him a fresh, hot-out-the-box new Welch T-shirt.   

Bliss! Rapture! Joy in the Morning! It's practically BEFORE and AFTER. And all he did was send along his two-cents about WelchWeb. No gimmicks. No scheme. Did he have good things to say about the website? Bad things to say about the website---we don't care. We're all about the game, people.  

We pull 2 winners at random every month (we're only doing it till we run outta T-Shirts). C'mon, look at that pretty baby blue color---and who wouldn't want to accessorize this lovely addition to your wardrobe? Beachwear? Tuxedo and a pair of Cons? Let your imagination run away with your bad self.

Alonzo LaMont  


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