As I was tra-la-la'ing through the merry garden of twitter, I ran across this paper and was struck by the similarities between what's proposed as a healthy prescription for academic libraries (this document may have to be opened, but it's well worth a quick look) and what Welch is doing come Dec. 31st. They don't call it a healthy prescription, but they could well have. The graphics and the reality are very easy to comprehend, and the issues are not unique to any one particular library. The quote surrounding the Harvard Library are quite telling. While everyone wants the best library at any cost, library users are actually extolling a new paradigm. One they may not be conscious about. Their habits, the rise of ebooks/elearning, the price of journals/books and how patrons use a library are all part of a fluid situation.

          Nostalgia and sentiment may be ever-present when we think of how our library will change. However, the new dynamics at work within education are here and now. They're very present, and though we may find them somewhat disagreeable, they need to be accounted for.


Alonzo LaMont




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