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I stumbled upon this terrific (and I don't usually/maybe never/never/ use "terrific") article about the future design of colleges,  and the unbundling of courses . It creates a parallel argument between the game-changer that was APPLE's iTunes and it's "assault" on the traditional music factories, versus the recent (practically daily!) news and events behind the "alt. movement" approach that is fast infiltrating higher education. 

Being caught up in the 24-hour cycle of news, discoveries and trends it's easy NOT take a step back and view the mind-bending changes in textbooks, teaching apps, libraries re-inventions and the rise of online universities as part of a grander scheme. We lose sight of that marvelously bigger picture we all yearn to see, from time to time. This much we know, some of the methodology that taught previous generations will last. Others, will not. However as this article reveals, all parties involved in the educational process are re-thinking previously established roles.

That's my take. Feel free to send along yours.

Alonzo LaMont      

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