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A brief chat with new arrival Julie Adamo, our National Library of Medicine Fellow, reveals that she enjoys the challenge of getting hands-on with data, research and the entire realm of library scholarship. Among Julie’s previous highlights include developing a pilot website to evaluate the Omeka content management system, analyzing data for the U.S. RDA (Resource Description and Access) Test Coordinating Committee, and conducting market research using blogs and social media to recommend outreach opportunities for Medline Plus. However, when asked what she was interested in here at Welch Medical Library she immediately stated “I’m really fascinated by the Informationists”. Ah-yes, those rock-star Informationists grab the glory AGAIN. Julie expressed noooooo small bit of amazement at the long list of departments each Informationists is responsible for, and the time this must require. “In general, I’m just really curious how they make it all work”. 

Julie’s also put in time as a Knowledge Services Assistant at Ipas in Chapel Hill (Ipas advances the cause of protecting women’s health, and women’s reproductive rights), and she was a Research Assistant at the GrantSource Library at the University of North Carolina.  I could go on about Julie’s employment and educational history (Internships, Writing Tutor, graduated from University of North Carolina and Antioch College)---and her work with a variety of organizations), but I’ll just cut to the chase and mention that Julie, in her spare time, likes to play drums. There I was asking the appropriate interview questions and lo and behold, I’m sitting next to a rock drummer. It’s a small footnote to be sure, but somehow it all seems to fit a career that holds such an eclectic mix.




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