CommComm posted on September 20, 2011 19:02

This is one of those battles you could see coming from miles away. Since libraries are paying out-the-wazoo for journals, it only made sense that some august body would say "cease and desist". Especially given that prices for journals continue to skyrocket with---as they say---no end in sight.

"But with British universities already spending 65 percent of their library acquisition budgets on periodicals — up from 50 percent 10 years ago — and university funding cut back, the pressure for change is mounting."


These are hard numbers to get around. Harder still to envision that budgets can continually spiral upwards for information that could be free for all. The Open Access movement is gaining more than just "ground", it's gaining sympathizers and becoming much more of a groundswell. But will it arrive in time?


Alonzo LaMont

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