CommComm posted on December 7, 2010 20:33

I played Santa Claus and handed out goodies (a NOOK e-reader and 4 Barnes and Noble gift cards) to those lucky winners who participated in the Library Experience Survey a few weeks back. I wanted a group photo, but schedules's being what they are, I had to get them when I could. They were kind enough to meet me on my own turf. First up was Lisa Jacobson, who won the NOOK. Lisa took time out from her teaching and research to give me a smile. Seeing everyone be so joyful, I think I could give away presents for a living.


Olwande Ogunsanya was thrilled, and gave me his million dollar smile. I think he's going to keep filling out surveys from this point on.


I didn't have to tell Melissa Nastacio to smile and look happy----she was pretty photogenic to begin with----but she (along with the others) braved the cold and walked away doing the happy dance.

(Ok, it was too cold to do the happy dance)

Sallie Brovitz-Palmer trudged up from the other side of campus, and confessed that she'd never won any contests before. I think she was overjoyed to tell her husband of her newfound fortune.


Kyle Van Arendonk seemed to take it all in stride. He was tall, calm and collected but inside I know he was pickled tink, "hey, this medical life ain't so bad." Thanks to everyone who came and let me take a photo. There are 2 more gift card winners, but I haven't been able to track them down yet. There day will come.

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