CommComm posted on January 7, 2011 20:10

I received some impromtu face time with Kathy Danko who relayed that the Lilienfeld Library project finished ahead of schedule. Specifically she thanked the coordinated efforts of Digital Library Services, Facilities and the Public Health Informationists. As you know, Lilienfeld is being converted into a School of Public Health (in the Hampton House) study space.  Kathy added that along with the physical relocation of a a substantial portion of the collection to Welch, the books were also evaluated for their necessity (what Welch decided to keep) and placement (recycling). After the evaluation was done, students (and anyone else) were allowed to "adopt" some of the homeless books.  Sue Woodson was pleased that the relocation was finished two weeks ahead of schedule, and credited Gary Faulkner, who found a recycler for the project.  We'll hear more from Sue in a minute because she commented on the larger implications behind the transformation, not just with Lilienfeld and Welch, but medical libraries in general. More on that conversation is forthcoming.......

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