CommComm posted on May 17, 2010 17:37

Bet you thought our Photo Contest had just UP AND DISAPPEARED? Gone? Vamoose? Bet you did. Noooooo. We've been getting pictures left and right. Jacqueline Woodruff sent this in as "The Cutest Face". I admit, he's veeeeeery lovable. But I find it's best not to get too attached to cows.....


Shelly Choo sent this one from Ghana. Yeahhhhh, buddy---we've gone global. Yes, schoolchildren. The reason they may look a bit 'foreign' to me is---well heck, they seem well-behaved. I know it's a concept we're not too familiar with. And maybe they run amok just like the lil rug-rats we see everyday. Maybe with the cameras off they're into their share of mischief. Something tells me they don't roll like that in Ghana. But hey, what does Alonzo know?


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