CommComm posted on May 24, 2010 22:57

Gary Faulkner and yours truly (Alonzo) took a spin in the MS Bike Ride this past weekend. We had BIG Fun.

Taking a rest stop with the Miss. Del-Mar (Delmarva) Watermelon Queen. The Watermelon Queen made herself available for photo ops. You can almost see the outline of her tiara. How many of you can say you have a picture of the Miss Del-Mar Watermelon Queen? What can I say. You ride a bike. You get a Queen. If you know Alonzo like I know Alonzo---you know this fits.


Here's Gary showing some serious SWAGGER at the finish line (the MS folks gave us all medals for participating). I'd say Gary's rockin the bandanna.


I call this one; "Gary Bloodbath". Gary took a spill and I told him I hadda get a picture of the blood. What toughness. What fortitude. He's pulling out a band-aid. I wonder if he fell on purpose---just to showcase his true grit.


I call this one "Handsome Guy onna bike". Again, if you know Alonzo like I know Alonzo.........

All in all it was a great day for a ride. No rain. The landscape on the eastern shore is amazing. The solitude and the beauty of so many places was quite a relief (especially if you ride in the city alot). The Multiple Sclerosis folks provide EVERYTHING. Plenty of munchies and water/gatorade, lots of support vehichles in case anybody has any trouble, and they literally ring bells, blow whistles and cheer at every rest stop. All you have to do is ride. Small price to pay, sez I.

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