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Dongming Zhang gave a "Mobile Welch" presentation/demonstration on August 26th. Dongming highlighted the arrival of mobile technology as a true force in the very near future. Or should I say---the very near future which is right now. 2007-2009 statistics reveal that wireless technology is clearly on the rise. Dongming's graphs for "ownership and use of handheld technology" showed that approximately 15-20% of the US. population access the Internet on a mobile device on a daily basis.

In the current issue of WIRED magazine, they announce "the internet is dead" (this is in the magazine, I honestly couldn't find it on their website, and they also proclaim that (particularly with regards to handheld devices) mobile devices with specific applications have won the day. The Internet, for all it's charm, remains a vast place to surf and surf and surf. You narrow your results, you search some more. Time ticks away. So applications that take you RIGHT TO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO, are now at a premium. This trend followed right along with Dongming demonstrating that there's a list of specific iphone based applications for the Welch mobile technology.

Essentially, (along with it's more practical purposes) the iphone offers a cool interface that translates to a better user experience. And as Dongming mentioned, their purpose is to transform the current user experience from MyWelch to a better, more efficient and more integrated user experience with iphones. Those in attendance were allowed to play around with iphones and an ipad, and I have to say that those new toys are hard to beat. When you combine the "cool factor" with practicality, you can see why sales for the iphone and ipad are running through the roof with college students.

Strong Mac, iPad and iPhone Sales Boost Apple


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