CommComm posted on July 15, 2010 00:41

Just in case you happened to bury Dongming's e-mail about the current survey you're being asked to take, I'm giving you a 2nd chance for clarification, and this time you can't misplace it---Alonzo LaMont

"Dear all,


In order to assess users’ online needs and improve Welch’s online services, we will start MyWelch and WelchWeb user online survey tomorrow.  


For MyWelch survey, users will receive survey invitation from either email (based on their MyWelch accounts) or when they login MyWelch. They won’t encounter survey invitation again after they complete the survey form;


For WelchWeb survey, users will receive survey invitation when they either login “Remote Access” (EZProxy) or access to WelchWeb on which online survey will be arranged based on IP that being randomly selected. Also survey timeframes for WelchWeb will be randomly selected.


We will be running these survey for about two weeks until July 30.


I am including several MyWelch survey screen shots for your information. WelchWeb survey has similar contents.


Please let me know if you have suggestions and concerns.








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