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Here's a statement that the School of Nursing recently distributed regarding the changes to the Nursing Library. This is a follow-up provided by my hard-working buddy Christina Wissinger, who will be directly involved with the NIRC. Hopefully with this tidbit of clarity there will be peace in the valley, and everyone should have a fairly clear sense of the structure(s) in place for 2011.  Thanks, Christina.  


Many of you have already heard that the Welch Satellite Library located in the SON NIRC—the Nursing Information Resource Center—will soon become a “Welch Space” similar to the one now in operation at the School of Medicine and in the area currently being developed on the 9th floor of the School of Public Health. 

Beginning in January, the Welch Space will feature:

·         Welch librarians Stella Seal and Christina Wissinger onsite at SON from 12:30 to 1:30 Monday and Wednesday to help with searches and journal location.  Additional hours will be posted as needed, appointments can be made with the librarians, and both are available through e-mail ( and  The Space will not be staffed at other times.

·         The Reserve Collection intact where it is now located and operated under our Honor Code. 

·         Electronic reserves available through contact with Vivian McCall

·         More resources located at a new Welch Library Nursing Resources portal site, online soon to meet your needs.

As these changes occur, the SON is exploring how to better use the current NIRC space.  A recent focus group with students highlighted their increasing need for quiet study space with comfortable furniture, places for group meetings or study, and printers and copiers. 

We welcome more suggestions from students, faculty, and staff and have placed one of our suggestion boxes in the NIRC for this purpose.  Take a minute to share your thoughts and drop them in the box or e-mail directly to me. 

In the near future, we’ll be back to you with plans for how the NIRC space might be used to best meet our current and developing needs. 



Alonzo LaMont 

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