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        Peggy Gross, our new Informationist, was born in Long Beach, California---for college, Peggy found herself at the Univ. of Kentucky on a full scholarship for----(wait for it!)----Swimming! You heard right my friends, and I don’t mean she was doing laps in the local pond with Sparky the pool pup. Peggy went to the Olympic Trials twice, in 2000 and 2004 and would probably have made the final cut in 2000 if not for a most unfortunate mishap. Her suit ripped in mid-race, “after that it felt like a parachute”. Talk about your horribly wet fickle finger of fate.

        Let’s fast forward to her library career, which was, sadly,  jumpstarted by her mom getting ovarian cancer. Peggy says, “I had so much trouble finding any decent medical information----and I wondered how other people must feel?” She parlayed this dismay into working for a cancer library in St. Paul, Minnesota. Peggy’s eclectic background found her graduating from the University of Illinois and was a Library Supervisor in Pennsylvania, where she also taught high school for a bit.  And how did she arrive on our fair Hopkins shores? She too was drawn to Welch by our (seemingly-more-popular-by-the-minute) Informationist  Service Model. Peggy adds that she “appreciates that we’re able to be in the same space as our users. I love the team concept, yet it feels as if we (Informationists) can still run our own event.”

        Peggy casually mentioned that her adorable-as-a-munchkin doggie, Cleo,  (isn’t Cleo in the “Official Listing of Adorable Munchkin Dog Names Book?) is officially certified as a therapy dog---what’s a therapy dog you ask?  (

        Finally, as a big-time interest and hobby, Peggy professed her profound affection for 19th Century Literature, specifically Dickens, Eliot, Melville. I know, I know, don’t ring a bell with me either. Informationist and Olympic Time Trial Finalist? That’s just not fair. Welcome, Peggy.



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