CommComm posted on March 3, 2010 18:52

I received e-mails from my Welch Co-Conspirators Sue Woodson and Kathy Danko touting the new Primal Pictures database.  Both Kathy and Sue have their hands in ALL THINGS NEW, DIGITAL, ELECTRONIC OR OTHERWISE IN CONNECTION TO WELCH---and both now serve as my own personal secret digital spies. Each graciously sent updates pertaining to the arrival of Primal Pictures Interactive Anatomy. A very unique tool indeed.  The value of online anatomy resources can be summed it in the following succinct little quote: “they contain complete anatomical 3D computer-generated models of human anatomy.  Users may manipulate the images by rotating, zooming, and peeling away layers, while viewing accompanying text.  Includes biomechanical animations, dynamic MRI, movie clips to supplement the 3D model and interactive quizzes.”

Along with Primal Pictures the Welch Library now subscribes to several other anatomy resources:

Net Anatomy (SES)
•Primal Pictures Interactive Anatomy
•Thieme Teaching Assistant, Anatomy (Thieme)

Catherine Craven, one of our illustrious Welch Clinical Informationist Liaisons, stated "there are certain subjects that need visualization. Online anatomy provides great visuals and quizzing tools as well as other functionality that make it excellent for learning".  



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