CommComm posted on June 24, 2010 00:19

Was there ever a sweeter combination? Mid-summer. And there you are---HUNGRY FOR KNOWLEDGE.


Well book July 7th on your calendar. Lori Rosman is teaching QUOSA from 9:00AM - 10:15AM in Lab #2 in the 2024 Monument St. building. Here's the QUOSA landscape:

"Downloading and organizing scientific literature and entering citation information into citation management software can be time-consuming. Trying to find information you know you read or even stored somewhere can be a challenge. QUOSA is a document- and search-results management and storage tool. Learn how you can use it to download PDFs automatically from PubMed, Ovid and many other databases; organize your PDFs, presentations and documents and save them with your preferred naming convention (e.g. author/journal/year); search all full-text and citation information within your saved results; and export entire folders into EndNote or Reference Manager -- or import them into QUOSA, including all available PDFs, in a copyright compliant manner."

 Alonzo LaMont



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