A few months back some of you participated in an online Library Quality Survey to determine how the Welch Library was doing in terms of customer service, quality of resources and what you thought of your Welch Library experience. We received a mixture of positive and negative feedback. Internally, we looked at the graphs, we saw the charts, we read the comments and here are the results in a nutshell:

          The Welch Library is doing Ok, but the Welch Library can do better.

          Yes, we heard all your comments. Some of them we can't control (there were issues that patrons had about the Library building itself, the students at Eisenhower complained about their building, too), and also some of you wanted more hours. We like to think we’ve concentrated our hours and still offer great service, regardless of the time. However, a couple of the items you mentioned (loudly and clearly) are issues that we can control. Specifically, you want a better interaction with us. 

          During the daily hustle and bustle, it's easy to lose sight of the human element. We know that everyone wants their journal, their book, their citation----ASAP. We know that everyone wants whatever it is they want, right this minute. Sometimes, when there's such a deadline mentality things can get a little impersonal. Keeping the human touch propped up takes a little bit extra. Yet, we realize it's that little extra we have to strive for, especially since it's such an important ingredient.  

           We can't build a bigger building, and we don't have alot of creature comforts----what we do have is our people doing the best job we can. Your comments tell us to be more attentive, and more in tune with your needs. That's what we'll aim for. When you put aside the databases, the online journals, the remote access and all the other technological mechanics----what we absolutely know we can improve upon is how we relate to you. It's a goal we intend to reach. Though information and data can be cold and brittle, you don't need an attitude or an uncaring manner attached to them. 

            So we've put ourselves on notice to be more conscious, more receptive and more neighborly. In order that in whatever context you utilize the Welch Library, in whatever way you might need the Welch Library----maybe you’ll see that a little more human touch comes right along with it.   

Alonzo LaMont


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