Victoria Goode and Alonzo had the opportunity to chat with Elizabeth Tracey, Director of Electronia News Media for Johns Hopkins Medicine. We were chock-full of questions about her very-popular PODMED podcast. We also focused on her work process and teaming up with Rick Lange, Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins and Vice-Chairman of Medicine at the Univ. of Medicine Health Science Center.


Elizabeth has been Podcasting for 8 years, and the popularity of PODMED and her PODBLOG have grown into tremendously popular online events. If you aren't already a subscriber I definitely recommend jumping on the bandwagon. Enjoy her reflections and observations, she is indeed a force.

Here we go --- September Podcast

0 - 1:25 Introduction

1) 1:25 - What made you start Podcasting?


2) 3:08 - How did you and Rick get started together?


3) 3:55 - Since you started, have you seen a change to your approach?


4) 4:30 - Did you ever anticipate that Podcasting would become the force that it is?


5) 5:16 - How do you choose your topics?


6) 6:17 - Are there topics you want to go back and re-touch upon?


7) 6:55 - How did you become such a "one-woman band?" (Writer, Editor, Producer)


8) 7:30 - What the biggest weekly challenge?


9) 8:15 - What's your greatest weekly challenge?


10) 9:25 - Has there ever been an "a-ha" moment, where you realized your Podcasts were really taking off?


11) 9:52 - What kinds of stories does Rick bring to your attention?


12) 10:56 - What territory do you see Podcasting moving towards in the future?


13) 12:12 - Was creating a blogging a natural extension?


14) 12:35 - 15:08 Miscellaneous thoughts on the effects of Podcasting. We mention Evidence-Based Medicine, private physicians and the current study on Organic foods.


Alonzo LaMont

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