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here we are (AGAIN!) giving away the farm and mixing it up with our peeps. Donna Hesson, SPH Informationist and Alonzo were right by the Wall of Images, answering questions left and right.


Ross, who's last name I forgot, was an early bird, and it's a good thing because we're just about to get swamped.


Ms. Schuster from Colorado was telling me it's her first time "back east". From the Rocky Mountains to Baltimore City. Hope nobody puts "The Wire" on her syllabus this semester. Nothing against gritty, urban realism---but that stuff's so real it makes ME want to do drugs. Apologies to Ms. Schuster, I was laughing so hard when she said she was from (and practically spelled it out) "Boulder," I got caught with my own shaky cam. Told her I did realize that Boulder AND Colorado were in the US of A.



These two are amused at my carnival barking Welch T-Shirt offer. What do they think---that T-Shirts grow on trees? One of them told me they actually had OTHER T-Shirts. I didn't know people made other T-Shirts. They did go for the frisbees.


The day winds down. So many folks wondered WHERE the Welch Library was----"you can see it right through those doors," sez I. These 3 now know who their assigned Informationist is, and how to make contact. Believe I detected big sighs all around.

Other questions that came up: "how do we order books? How do we get to the databases? Are there other places on campus to study other than the library? What classes do you offer? How do I get help with research? Who can help me with RefWorks?" All of these can be answered by a quick trip to WelchWeb, and if you go to our "HOW TO" link at the top of the page, you'll see a drop down to a galaxy of FAQ's. 


Alonzo Lamont

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