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I stopped in to talk with my major librarian EYE-SPY Sue to get some collection updates. Sue surprised me by pointing out that people have discovered streaming audio they can find from the Eisenhower catalog. Just scroll down to MUSIC, and then here's where you'll find yourself:

Sue also mentioned and I have to say that I was even more tickled to hear about the adventures of her new kitty cat. Kitty stuck between her wall and a floor? (One or the other, maybe even both!), Sue had to  resort to a buzzsaw---no, a chainsaw---no---maybe just a saw to help save her lil rascal. Something tells me "Here Kitty Kitty!" just didn't work. Kitty is now 'restored' to her original mint condition. Sue also spoke about Eisenhower having a non-scholarly collection for film and fiction (alot of their movies are requested at Welch, Chris Henry and I always remark on something we think is worthwhile, or non-worthwhile. It's funny how anything by Sophia Loren always seems very worthwhile.  The last thing Sue left me with was a mention about---again, through the Eisenhower catalog---Baltimore.

It has the proverbial embarrassment of riches. Thanks to Sue, I'm streaming away....


 Alonzo LaMont


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