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Hey Everybody. Just thought I'd give some casual updates since we're in the dead of summer. So off-the-cuff, here's what I know: Christina Wissinger has moved, and is now near the back wall in the East Reading Room, in 206. She's right up the way from me. Just like Victoria Goode, Nora Smith and myself---we've asked her to maintain a very serious demeanor at all times, and if she can't---we're sending her back from wince she came. 

Marie assigned several interns to clean out the closet at the top of stairs on the 2nd floor. I think they found mummy relics and old copy cards. The mummy relics are priceless, but we're probably gonna hold onto the copy cards. I told the interns to organize a union. That Marie, she's such a hard task mistress. (That's not true) I think the last time Marie raised her voice the world was still flat.

Vivian McCall is getting some much-deserved R&R.

James Tucker loaded an entire dashboard into one of his cars. Saved himself $1,400 bucks. This was in the heat of the heat wave. Case you didn't know, James is a whiz-bang with cars. Just listening to him makes me think I'm car-smarter than I really am.

Tony Street enrolled to take some classes---I forget where---but he was sweating his final grades, which I assured him he didn't have to do.

Next door neighbor Nora seems to be working on a "very, very in-depth search". She's been doing this search for months and months. "Everytime I think it's done it pops up again." She's like Pacino in the last Godfather movie, "just when I think I'm out---they keep pulling me back in!" Nora seems to have a new "laborious search groan" for every day of the week. 

Blair and I compared our recent times in Chicago and came away with the following: We both love it there. Of course, Blair seems to be a closet CHICAGO CUBS fan. This is funny because how can anybody in good conscience admit they're CUBS fans. The last time they won a World Series Marie raised her voice (and the world was definitely flat).   

Alonzo's (dat me) is having a play produced in Chicago, it opens September 28th, and runs for 7 weeks. Lucky fella that I am. It's called "Zulu Fits," and it'll either be great or it'll be not great. Who needs middle ground---I'm no Hobbit hiding The Ring. Or was that Middle Earth? You get the picture. It's all or nuthin at all.

Victoria Goode is now Communications Committee Chair. She's headed up to New Hampshire for some R&R. Home, sweet Home. I think she just wants some home cooking. Whenever you mention her family restaurant, "The Puritan Backroom" she seems to enter a zen-like steak. I mean---zen-like STATE.

Well, that's what I know for now. The other day I read a caption about "Comic Sans". Comic Sans is the font I use for the blog. It read "if I ran a lemonade stand I'd use Comic Sans to advertise". I think their point was that---Comic Sans reflects a juvenile or childish nature. But here I am, Comic Sans and all. Alonzo fights maturity every chance I get.


Alonzo LaMont 



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