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I frequently surf the net looking for that ideal bit of newsy-news that captures more than just the nuts and bolts of medicine and science. I look for that outside-the-box nugget that speaks to our lives through a broader lenses. Just like Lady Gaga proudly affirms, I'm born this way. So my offering today is something that you can certainly witness through the cool jaded---excuse me, I meant “shaded” lens of daily life, and most particularly here at Hopkins. 

Though the title says "Sound Cocoons," it's really a "Noise Cocoon". Unfortunately, I count myself as one of the victims. My two cents, which falls under the purview of a mental health reflection----after reading the article take a moment to mentally review.  We're all too aware of the draconian reliance we've placed on our gadget empire. They tell us where to go, how to get there, how to behave----AND, they  inform us on WHAT behaviors to have, do they not? The next generation may discover the very concept of quiet places will be something they'll have to Wiki'up.

Alonzo LaMont


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