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This is about you. Yes, you. Not me. I don't text. I don't want to text. I have a text disabled phone. But you----you never saw these results coming, didja. No you didn't, and why? Because your face was buried in that phone. There you are stealing a few precious moments out of the office, and wham. Seems as if texting and trees don't mix. Neither do texting and curbs, highways, sidewalks----or---- fountains. If you google-up "texting and talking and accidents" (or any combination thereof) you can find further support for this epidemic.


Do we honestly believe that texting is the desire to communicate? Others espouse theories that are exactly the opposite. They say we're running away from conversation. Real conversation that is. Instead we get the chance to present the more ideal "me". We enter a universe where we're so god-almighty- powerful. We participate in a language that doesn't require depth or nuance, only an abbreviated configuration of letters. Life hard. Text easy. Isn't  there just a little tinge of superiority behind looking busy and "engaged". Especially in the public eye. (For the life of me I don't know why since everyone's telling everyone else how messed up their family is). But having tasted the rich fruits of continuous texting we now, like so many falling stars, land and go boom. We hit things. They hit us back. And now the research is piling up, and stronger anti-texting movements are afoot.

For many of us it's actually an easier choice than pouring through data, or taking a pledge, or watching victim after victim (go through youtube and "texting") do something disastrous. Here's the straight skinny: when you're walking outdoors and it's a beautiful day, with beautiful sun and you're walking along under your own power, breathing in all that gorgeous-new-day smell----it all gets flushed away when you decide you need to showcase your verbal acumen. And with cursing as a sidebar, well things are just double-ruined.  So there you have it. Research, studies, visual nightmare samples----they're all there for the taking. Or you can just take a deep breath, put away your gadgets and step into the sunshine.  

Alonzo Lamont


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