The model of access to medical research seems to have reached a tipping point. From the ashes rises a boycott of Elsevier that appears straight out of "the little engine that could" positive thinking prototype. If I were sitting in my office at the Elsevier Knowledge Command Central I'd take this with much more than a grain of salt.

As other long-established institutional entities are discovering, there's a new sheriff in town and he's taking no prisoners. Much as we thought that Proctor and Gamble Old Spice man on a horse was equestrian oddity personified, it seems that P&G can get more bang for the buck through facebook and google. Hiho Silver, you're fired. I mention this because there is a correlation, that doesn't correlate to Proctor and Gamble, but it does find it's parallel----(unfortunately for the 1,600 P&G marketing employees) within a new operational business method that's sweeping into Dodge City.

The Open Access Movement set up their mom & pop lemonade stand on a busy (publishing domain) highway, and before you know it----drivers love lemonade. Why? The cost of lemonade is very reasonable, compared to what people used to pay. The handwriting is not only on the cyber wall, it's speaking in tongues. The frequency of  opposition to traditional journal access now comes in daily doses, and somebody over at Elsevier Knowledge Central should crack open a dictionary and look up "groundswell".


Alonzo LaMont

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