Yes! You read right. The Welch Library will be sponsoring a bike ride. We'll leave from the Barnes & Noble on St. Paul St. and 33rd and wind our way to the east Baltimore campus. We'll be having rides one day a week (a Friday) for about 4 weeks. These rides are open to everyone. Just show up, WITH A HELMUT, sign our waiver and sign-in sheet and we're off. We plan on leaving at 7:30 and rides will be led by yours truly, Alonzo. We'll also ride back, from east Baltimore back to Barnes & Noble. 




Why pay 4 bucks (and more!) for gas. One day a week, do yourself and your car a little favor. The route will wind us through Wyman Park, getting us to the Jones Falls Trail. The Trail ends at Maryland Ave. and we'll continue up to St. Paul, then cut over to Guilford. We can even stop and say "na-na-da-boo-boo" to all the folks waiting for the shuttle at Penn Station. We'll get on Monument St. and it's a straight shot to Hopkins. There is a quicker route straight down St.Paul, but that would mean more traffic. We're taking the scenic route. 

You don't have to be an AVID RIDER. There are only a few small hills (and I hesitate to even call them hills) along the way. These rides are not races. They're just meant to be fun.

At the end of the 4 weeks, we'll put your name in the hat to win a newly designed Welch T-Shirt. Who doesn't want a new T-shirt?!  But, depending on the amount of riders we have----perhaps everyone can walk away with "a little something" gift to commemorate your participation. So bring a camera. Take pictures. Feel the city in the early morning. It's not all about backed-up traffic. 


Look for more info at the start of May. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send an e-mail my way.


Alonzo LaMont


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