This is so much fun. I should show up with a Grand Sweepstakes Winner check. But since I don't have one----I show up with the next best thing. Samata Kakkad was nice enough to put on our shirt. Of course, her friend provides all the moral support this august occasion deserves. And just like that it happens. A Photo Op is born. 

I know, I know----you're kicking yourselves for not getting one. But you still can! How?! Click on the FEEDBACK link on WelchWeb, and send us some FEEDBACK. We enter your name in our monthly raffle and you have a chance to win.

"But what if my FEEDBACK is all bad?"

Don't matter!

"But what if my FEEDBACK is not nice?"

Don't matter!

"But what if my FEEDBACK only talks about my big tabby cat named Cherokee Moon Kitty?"

You won't win.

So keep on the straight and narrow. Share some FEEDBACK, and you could be living the dream. We've got another winner this month (we always pick 2), we're just trying to track him down. Stay tuned.



And now I finally caught up with Andres Quintero. I cornered him outside of the School of Public Health. Andres has hit the medical school ground running and since time was of the essence, I brought T-shirt, he brought himself and away we go.



 And this is Andres after I told him to ditch the bag. There's only one star in this film and obviously it's that darling lil Welch T.

This could be you. "No it can't". Yes it can. Hit that FEEDBACK link. Tell us what you think about our new Website. We're listening, so what do you have to say?   

Alonzo LaMont

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