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Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Monique Burgess. We certainly miss her, and hope that she returns to good health. We miss Monique walking by the WSC desk sharing a smile. If it wasn't for Monique (and Gwen) I would never have learned how to use the fax machine the right way! 

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the MS Ride that Gary and I did last weekend. It was hazy, hot and humid (stankin hot as a matter of fact) but---as I mentioned to Gary along the way, suppose we couldn't do this. Suppose we didn't have the ability to get out and ride bicycles on a sunny day. We had enough reminders along the route from the many volunteers who were so devoted to making the ride a lovely time---how great this day was. In case you didn't find us before, here's a couple pics of Gary and Alonzo in our 3rd go-round (year) for MS.






Gary finished too, of course. He's taking my picture. I know, I know---we're both hams, what can I say.

Alonzo LaMont

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