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When I think of the Welch Informationists "Medical Detectives" is the term that most frequently comes to mind.

Let's take a look at three Welch classes later this month.

These classes are definitely recommend for what ails you. First up, on April 27th, Claire Twose starts out with "Expert Searching in Public Health". I spoke with our always-thoughtful Claire who said "in public health there's a huge need for resources beyond pure electronic data." Specifically, she'll look into "grey literature." Essentially grey lit. refers to those recent nuggets which are not immediately transparent to the naked research eye, items you can't find through conventional search methods. All the more reason to take Claire's class, sez Alonzo.  

Here's the info on Claire's class:

April 27th

School of Public Health, Becton-Dickinson Rm. 1020, 12:15pm - 1:30pm. No Reg. Req. Need more info: 955-7559

Lori Rosman's confesses that her "Pubmed: Search Like a Pro" will focus on "using the functionality that Pubmed offers." Lori says it will be an introduction to the Features you can use to define, limit or expand your searches. Previously this has been a 2 to 3 hr. class. Obviously patrons will get a more stream-lined edition. But with Lori, patrons will always get a detailed, organized class that is sure to get everyone off and running.

Lori's class is April 28th at the 2024 Monument St., in Lab #2, from 9:00am - 10:15am 

Also in the grey literature vein is Katie Vizenor's "Life Beyond Pubmed: International Resources." Katie piggybacked on much of what Claire had to offer. "There is so much emphasis on peer-reviewed material that the most recent information is neglected, or overlooked." Katie made the suggestion that "if you have an interest in a particular issue perhaps your best option is surveying other researchers who have the same interest in the same topic (as you)." Waiting for the 'arrival' of peer-reviewed subject matter can slow the discovery process down to a crawl. Katie also mentioned that a major difficulty with International Resources is "most people just don't know where to find it." Much like real estate I guess: location, location, location.     

Katie's class follows Lori's. April 28th, 10:30am - 11:45pm. Also at the 2024 Bldg., Lab #2.

Pre-registration is required for Lori and Katie's class. Need info: 955-7559


These classes are all FREE! 





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